How to Make Collaborative Playlists in Apple Music? (2024)

Collaborative Playlists in Apple Music now have a lot of cool new features thanks to iOS 17. You can now crossfade between tracks, see song names, better connect to SharePlay, and more. One thing that wasn’t available from the start, though, was the option to make playlists with other people in Apple Music. If you like this feature, here’s how to use it on an iPhone that has at least iOS 17.2 installed. (How to Make Collaborative Playlists in Apple Music?)

What are Apple Music sets that users can work together on?

Apple Music’s collaborative playlists let you add, remove, or change the order of songs with other people who can see the playlist. Playing music this way can be a fun and easy way to discover new music, make themed mixes for events, or enjoy music with family and friends.

It’s simple to invite other Apple Music users to join a mix you’re working on together. Everyone can add, move, or remove songs once they’re in. You can also show how the music makes you feel with emojis in Now Playing.

You’ll have to share a copy of the music by hand if you have an older version of iOS. If you have iOS 17.2 or later on your device, you should be able to use the steps below to make a Collaborative playlist.

How to create collaborative playlist in Apple Music on iPhone?

  • Find the iPhone’s Music app and open it.
  • Click on the Library tab and then on Playlists.
  • Press Edit and then Select Playlists if you don’t see this choice.

How to create collaborative playlist in Apple Music on iPhone

  • You can either make a new playlist or open an old one.
  • Go to the top right and click on the three dots. Then, choose “Collaborate.”
  • You can also tap the “Collaborate” button at the top.
  • Turn on “Approve Collaborators” → Press “Start Working Together.”
  • As long as Approve Collaborators is turned off, anyone can join.
  • To share the link to work together, choose a choice from the share sheet.
  • If you want to add more people, tap the “Collaborate” button.

How to create collaborative playlist in Apple Music on iPhone

Once you’ve made a Collaborative mix in Apple Music, it’s easy to add someone else, remove people who are already working on it, or stop sharing it altogether. That is how you can do it on your iPhone with Apple Music.

Add or remove collaborators in Apple Music on iPhone.

  • Start up the Music app → Click on the Library tab → Press Playlists.
  • To get to the Playlists menu, go to Edit and then Select Playlists.

Add or remove collaborators in Apple Music on iPhone.

  • Open a Collaborative Playlist that is already there.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the “Collaborate” button.
  • You can use the QR code or a link to invite people to the video.

When you receive a request for new partners, you can either:


Q1. Which devices offer support for Collaborative playlists?

A. Collaborative playlists can only be used on iPhones that have iOS 17.2 Beta or later at the time this post was written. After some time, though, Apple is likely to add this feature to other products like iPads and Macs.

Q2. Can I see who else is adding songs to a Collaborative Playlist?

A. If you tap the Collaborate button in the upper right part of the screen, you can see who else is adding songs to the Collaborative Playlist. That will show you a list of all the people who work on the project and can view the playlist.

Q3. Can users without an Apple Music subscription use this feature?

A. No. Everyone who wants to make or use Collaborative playlists on their iPhones or other devices needs to be a subscriber to Apple Music.


Apple Music’s collaborative playlists are better than regular playlists in a number of ways. For example, you can share your favorite music with family and friends, find new music, or make shared playlists for events or activities while working together with other Apple Music users in real-time.

Collaborative playlists are now available in iOS 17.2. If you’ve already used them, let us know what you think in the comments.

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