Change Spotify Language Settings for iPhone, iPad, and Mac 2023

Many people like the service Spotify, which lets you listen to music. It has a huge collection of songs in a lot of different languages. The app’s creators also let people use it in the language they choose. You read that right. You can change Spotify’s language on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac by following this guide. (How to Change Spotify Language Settings for iPhone.)

Why you should change the language on Spotify

It’s great that you can change the language on Spotify if you need to learn more about it or are learning a new one. Here’s how this tip can help you get better at singing:

  • You can use any language you want to learn more about the site and find your way around it.
  • It makes the whole experience better by showing you how to use different settings and options for features.
  • Songs sung in a language help you learn new words and understand society.

How to Spotify Language Settings for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

  • Pick up your iPhone and open Spotify. Select Languages from the menu that appears when you press the “gear” button.
  • Tap “Add language,” and then go on. You will now be taken to the iPhone’s settings, where you can change the app’s Language.
  • Click Language to choose the Language you want to use. English is not my Language.
  • Close the Spotify app by force and then open it again.

Everything ready! Now, all of the app’s choices will be in the Language that was chosen in the settings and menu. The app’s requests will not change, though.

You can change the language of songs on Spotify.

  • Start up Spotify. Go to Settings and click it. Pick a language.
  • Press on Music Languages.
  • Right now, you can pick which language to use.

How to Change Spotify’s Language on a Mac

  • A Mac can run Spotify.
  • Click on your name, then click on Settings.
  • You can pick any of the languages that are given.
  • Click “Restart App” when asked.
  • As the page is changed, it will be added to.

Note: You can do the same thing with the Spotify app on your computer.


Notification changes on Spotify are simple and only take a few minutes. Everyone can use the Service in more than one language. Change the language of your app and then follow these steps to listen to songs in the language you want. ( how to Change Spotify Language Settings for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.)

Wishing You Luck!

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