iMobie AnyTrans Upgraded to Issue with iTunes 12.1 {2024}

As of 2024 December 11, Apple changed iTunes’ design from 32-bit to 64-bit. That is why all third-party iDevice tools can’t find the devices after updating to iTunes 12.1. (How to iMobie AnyTrans Upgraded to Issue Solve?)

To quickly and effectively fix this problem, iMobie Inc., a company that makes software for iOS devices, has compiled a list of the compatibility issues and detailed solutions for iTunes 12.1 users. They have also updated their main product, iMobile AnyTrans, to fix the 64-bit compatibility problem with iTunes 12.1 within one week of hard work by the development team.

AnyTrans works perfectly with iTunes 12

With the newest version of iMobie AnyTrans, users can once again enjoy the quick and easy control of their iDevices after updating to iTunes 12.1. Most people who use AnyTrans say it’s the best way to handle all of your iOS devices professionally and in general. It’s far from being an iTunes option, and more is on the way.

A Look at AnyTrans

  • AnyTrans makes it easy to transfer media from a PC or Mac to an iPhone or iPad. Add media from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad quickly. You won’t lose any information on your phone. AnyTrans is also the best way for people who just got a new iPhone 6 to move their data from their old iPhone to their new one. The iDevice-to-iDevice mode makes it easy to move all of your contacts, songs, photos, videos, apps, and more to the new iPhone. AnyTrans is great because it saves the album art, play counts, and ratings of your music while it moves it.

Media converter:

  • AnyTrans has a powerful built-in media converter that will automatically improve all the incompatible media files while they are being transferred. Your iPhone and iPad can play all of your music and videos without any problems. AnyTrans lets you make great custom iPhone ringtones by importing ringtones for 25 seconds, 40 seconds, or the full length. This way, every time your phone rings, you can enjoy a happy, comfortable sound.

iCloud management:

  • AnyTrans lets you see your iCloud backup by giving you access to it. You can then view and download things like messages, contacts, notes, calendar events, bookmarks, and more to your computer.

Friendly interface:

  • AnyTrans’s well-thought-out and simple-to-use interface makes it easy to move and organize all of your iOS content, even if you need to be more tech-savvy.

iMobie Inc. tries to affect its users as little as possible.

iMobie has always put the user experience first. For example, when the iTunes 12.1 compatibility problem was first reported, the company quickly gathered its development team to fix it so that users would have the least amount of trouble. The company makes tools for transferring and maintaining iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Its well-known products, PhoneClean, PhoneResuce, and AnyTrans, have helped more than a million Apple users.

With a focus on user priority and strong technical accumulation, iMobie was the first to offer a fast and safe solution for iTunes 12 users. It is also continuously improving AnyTrans to make managing iDevices easier and smoother for users. With its industry-leading technical power, iMobie will continue to give users an easier and more complete iOS management tool like AnyTrans, both in the past and in the near future. (How to iMobie AnyTrans Upgraded to Issue with iTunes 12.1?)

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