How to Change User Login Profile Name On Mac and MacOS?

If more than one person uses the same Mac, you need to use different headshots to tell them apart. You can also make your experience more personal and nice to look at by changing your Mac’s user picture. I’ll explain how to change a Mac user’s picture in the next piece. Let’s start. How do I Change User Login Profile Name On Mac and Mac OS X?

How to Change User Login Profile Name On Mac and MacOS?

  • Click on System Settings after going to the Apple sign.

System Settings

  • Pick out Users and Groups.
  • To change a user’s picture, click on the picture next to their name.

Change User Login Profile Name On Mac

Pick one of these:

Remember that you can make or change your own. After that, pick a pose and style you like for your user bio. You can change the size of your Memoji with this tool.


  • You can use any picture on your machine as your login picture.


  • Keep your page easy by using the first letters of your name.


  • Right away, please take a picture and post it on your account.


  • Choose a picture from the ones in your gallery.
  • Every normal Mac password picture will be shown.
  • You can change the main picture to what you want. Press “Save.”

Change User Login Profile Name On Mac

Also, if you want to change someone else’s picture, you can pick that person from the list of “Other Users” and then follow the steps above.

These are important things you should know:

  • To change someone’s profile picture, you need to be a supervisor.
  • You can use the same profile picture for more than one account on your Mac.
  • The user’s Apple ID picture doesn’t change when the login picture is changed.

A Lot Of People Ask This

Q1: If I change my personal picture, will that change any of my files or settings?

It won’t change any of your files or settings if you change your Mac’s user picture. It’s just a change to look better.

Q2: On a Mac, can I use a movie as my personal picture?

A: You can use a movie as a background on a Mac, but not as a private picture.

Q3: If I change my personal picture, will that affect how I log in?

A: If you change your profile picture, your login password will not change either.

Q4: Why can’t I change my Mac Facebook picture?

A: You have to log in as Admin to change the login picture for any person on your Mac. If it happens again and again, restart your Mac, use a different Admin account, or start it up in safe mode.

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