[New] Mimestream Mac Version 1.3.1 (Latest 2024)

Software Information: A native macOS email client for Gmail.

Description Of Mimestream

Mimestream is a powerful email client that blocks tracking pixels for 50+ services and allows you to quickly triage emails with keyboard shortcuts. The latest version 1.3.1 (2024) includes important fixes for crashing issues and not filling in the To field when replying to self-sent messages.

What is Mimestream?

Mimestream mac allows you to move seamlessly through your emails using your Gmail favourites.

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Made For Mac, Optimised For Gmail

Mimestream is a native Swift app that leverages macOS’s full power to provide a fast and familiar experience. Mimestream uses the Gmail API instead of the IMAP protocol to provide a set of enhanced features.

  • Work Smarter, Email Faster.
  • Mimestream helps you keep your inbox organised and focused on what matters. It’s easy to organise your email with Mimestream.
  • Categorised Inbox: Focus on the most important emails and sort them out at your convenience.
  • Multiple accounts
  • Label Management
  • Committed To Privacy

The app connects directly to Gmail and does not store any data or credentials on your device. Mimestream is not a server intermediary and does not collect your email.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and fast. Mimestream was designed for speed and uses only a small amount of space on the disc to cache recent messages.
  • Offline Access: Fully functional even when you are offline or on slow connections. Perfect for business travellers.
  • System Notifications: Receive macOS system notifications whenever you receive a new message, so that you don’t miss important threads.
  • Aliases: Your email aliases will be automatically synced with Gmail and used to reply when appropriate.
  • Signatures: Signatures created in Gmail will automatically sync with Mimestream.
  • Search while offline: Search for any Gmail query in Mimestream to get consistent results. Search even when offline.
  • Swipe Gestures: Use the familiar macOS swipe gestures for quick triage and archiving of your emails.
  • Tracking Prevention: Read your emails privately. Mimestream blocks tracking pixels for 50+ services.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Triage your emails quickly with keyboard shortcuts. You can use the familiar Gmail or Apple Mail shortcut sets.
Mimestream Mac Version 1.3.1 (Latest 2024)

What’s New?


  • When switching profiles, the selected message is not restored.
  • The message is no longer selected automatically when you click on a notification.
  • Unexpectedly, profile tabs can appear as popups.
Size: 12.3 MB
Developer’s website: mimestream.com
Intel 64
Apple Silicon
macOS 12 or later

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