How to Convert Numbers to Excel On iPhone? {Easy Way 2023}

We all like it when things are easy and quick to do. The worst thing that can happen is compatibility blocks. This article will also help you if you need help deciding between Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Spreadsheets are great, and a lot of people use them. This guide will make it easy for you to switch from Apple Numbers to Excel and back again. Let’s Do It! (How to Convert Numbers to Excel On iPhone)

Why changing Numbers files to Excel sheets is a good idea?

Excel is the spreadsheet tool that people use the most. Businesses around the world use it. Excel files are more useful at work than Number records. There are some ways in which they are the same, but Excel is better.

When you change the style of Numbers papers to Excel:

  • It’s easier to work with coworkers, clients, and partners who only use Excel.
  • Formulas, macros, and conditional styles are kept when a document is converted. Having this kind of information helps you make a smart choice.
  • Excel’s powerful programming tools can only be used with VBA.
  • Scripts that can be shared between teams around the world let workers change how they do their jobs.

You can handle the flow of numbers better in Excel than in Numbers in these ways.

It makes sure that professional workplaces can work with each other better. Smooth operation, consistent reporting options, and more efficiency.

How to Convert Numbers to Excel Sheets On IPhone And IPad?

  1. Start up the Numbers app.
  2. Pick out the file that needs to be changed, then open it.
  3. Press the three-dot button. If you are asked, pick Export.
  4. From the list that appears, choose the Excel version.
  5. If asked, you can pick any of these:
  6. That’s right, it shows a different sheet for each sheet in the Numbers file.
  7. One Sheet Per Table: There is one sheet for each table in the Numbers file.
  8. As soon as you make up your mind, click Export > Continue.
  9. When you are asked to share, swipe up and pick “Save to Files.”
  10. Pick out the last folder you want to use, then click the Save button.

How to Convert Numbers to Excel Sheets On IPhone And IPad?

1: Convert Number Files To Excel Spreadsheet On Mac

  1. On the Mac, open the Numbers app. Could you open the file by clicking on it?
  2. Pick Out To… from the File menu. Pick the kind of Excel file you want.
  3. If you want to protect your account with a password, turn on this feature.
  4. Please put in a strong password for the file, check it twice, and then give a hint.
  5. To go on, click “Save.”
  6. Name the file something useful, and then save it where it goes.
  7. Click Export when everything is just the way you want it.

Convert Number Files To Excel Spreadsheet On Mac

2: Convert Number Files In Excel Documents Via ICloud

  1. To get to the main iCloud page, you can use any browser.
  2. Make sure you’re logged in with your Apple ID.
  3. Pick Numbers from the list of apps.
  4. Click the three-dot icon to open a file.
  5. To move on, click Download a Copy when asked.
  6. If you are asked, pick the Excel file.
  7. Take a break while the file is being changed.
  8. Press OK when asked.
  9. Now, the file will be downloaded to the right place. It will be in Excel format.

Convert Number Files In Excel Documents Via ICloud


You did a great job with change. With this knowledge, it’s easy to switch between Numbers and Excel on any device. Take on problems with data, talk to your coworkers, and make great visualizations with confidence. (how to Convert numbers to excel on iphone ipad and mac os free?)

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