iPhone Microphone Not Working? {Full Solution for 2024}

Are you on the iPhone Microphone Not Working with someone, and all of a sudden, they can’t hear you? There’s nothing worse than having your gadget go silent on you. Do not be afraid! If you’re having trouble with your iPhone’s microphone, this guide will show you how to fix the problem. (How to fix iPhone Microphone Not Working?)

This guide tells you how to fix an iPhone microphone so that it works again.

Note: All types and versions of the iPhone and iOS can use these fixes.

Why the microphone on your iPhone isn’t working

The iPhone mic might need to be fixed for a number of reasons. What could be wrong?

  • The microphone is stopped.
  • Bluetooth problem with app permissions
  • iOS is no longer supported.

Most of the time, the exact problem can only be seen by looking at its fix.

iPhone Microphone Not Working? Here are 6 Solutions

Solution 1. Clean the Microphones on your iPhone

Even though it might seem obvious, your iPhone microphone can stop working if something gets stuck in it. Because of this, you should clean your iPhone every so often. Before going any further, remember to be careful not to damage the sensitive hardware parts.

  1. First, look at the mics near the back camera and at the bottom of your iPhone.
  2. If you can see dirt or lint on them, use a soft-bristled brush or compressed air to clean them gently.

There is more to it than just cleaning! Please read our full guide to clean the speaker and microphone on your iPhone really well. After that, make calls or record sounds to make sure the mics are working properly again.

Solution 2. Turn off your iPhone’s Bluetooth

And while Bluetooth makes it easy to connect to many devices and tools, it can sometimes stop the microphones on your iPhone from working. So, turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it to avoid any problems and get the microphone working properly again.

  • Go to Settings and then tap Bluetooth.
  • Turn off Bluetooth → When asked, press “Turn Off.”
  • You can also open Control Center and tap the Bluetooth button to see if it is turned on.

iPhone Microphone Not Working? Full Solution for iPhone, And iOS

That way, your iPhone won’t be able to instantly connect to paired devices and use the mic on those devices. Keep in mind that this fix is only for problems caused by Bluetooth crosstalk and might not fix other microphone issues that are deeper down.

Solution 3. Take out your Extra Headphones

If the iPhone’s microphone is giving you trouble, try unplugging any wired headphones, speakers, or external mics that you may have plugged in.

This simple step often fixes the issue because these outside audio devices mess up the operation of the built-in microphone. When you unplug all of your external audio devices, the iPhone’s built-in microphone can take over and work properly.

Solution 4. Check the sound on your iPhone

In the event that your iPhone’s microphone isn’t working, you should run a manual diagnostic test to figure out what’s wrong. If you have an iPhone case on, take it off to do this. Then, think about the following:

As for the main microphone:

  • On your iPhone, open the Voice Memos app.
  • Start talking after you tap the record button.
  • Stop the recording every 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Play the recorded sound now.
  • Your main microphone is working right if you can clearly hear your voice.

iPhone Microphone Not Working? Full Solution for iPhone, And iOS

For microphone in the back:

  • Make sure the camera is open and set to video.
  • Change the view from the back lens.
  • Press the “Record” button and wait for it to finish.
  • Now stop the video and play the most recent movie from the Photos app.
  • Also, make sure that your back microphone works well so that you can hear your own words clearly.

For the microphone in front:

  • Do the same thing again with the front-view camera.
  • Just record the video and play it.
  • The front microphone is working right if you can clearly hear your voice.

There are two internal mics that you can test with these steps to see if they are broken or not working right. So, you can figure out what’s wrong with your iPhone’s microphone and fix it properly.

Solution 5. Allow the App to use your Microphone

If your iPhone’s Microphone stops working for a certain app, it’s possible that the app doesn’t have the right access to work. So, make sure that the app in question has been permitted to use the Microphone. In order to:

  • Go to Settings and then pick Privacy and Security.
  • If you tap Microphone, you’ll see a list of all the apps you have loaded that need access to your Microphone.
  • Turn on the mic for the app you want to use.

Allow the App to use your Microphone

Most apps ask for access to your Microphone when you install them or use them for the first time, but some may need you to change their settings by hand. So, any program problems can be fixed by making sure the app needs microphone permission.

Solution 6. Turn off iPhone noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation function is meant to improve the sound quality of a call by cutting down on background noise. The microphone on your iPhone might not work, but the speaker might. This feature can make the microphone not work. Don’t worry—it’s just a bug in the program.

  • Go to Settings and then Accessibility.
  • Pick out Audio/Visual now.
  • Turn off the noise cancellation on your phone.

Turn off iPhone noise Cancellation

Note: You can only get this function on iPhone 12 and earlier models. Voice Isolation has been improved in newer iPhone models.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that if the issue still exists after turning off noise cancellation or voice separation, there may be other issues at play here.

Other simple fixes iPhone Microphone Not Working?

Restart your iPhone: If the microphone on your iPhone isn’t working, all you need to do is restart it. That should update your device’s running system and fix any small bugs that are making the microphone not work.

Get the newest version of iOS: Getting the latest version of your iPhone is another good way to fix this issue. By updating to the latest version, any software problems with your microphone will be fixed.

Reset everything: It’s time to try something crazy if the microphone still doesn’t work after updating your iPhone. If you want to get rid of any bugs or settings that don’t work with your mic, do a factory restart on your iPhone. Read: IMobie AnyTrans Upgraded To Issue With ITunes 12.1


Q1. How do I reset my iPhone?

A. Make a copy of your info before you reset your iPhone to factory settings. Click on Settings, General, then Reset, and finally, Erase All Content and Settings. Type in your PIN and click “Erase.”

Q2. How do I connect AirPods to an iPhone?

A. Before you can connect your AirPods to your iPhone, make sure that your iPhone’s Bluetooth is turned on. Please make sure the lid of the charging case for your AirPods is open and hold them close to the phone. Click Connect and then do what it says on the screen.

Q3. How do I set up voicemail on the iPhone 13?

A. To set up Voicemail on an iPhone 13, open the Phone app, tap Voicemail, and then tap Set Up Now. Make a password and a welcome sound.


There you have it! We have looked into everything, from the mystery of program bugs to the world of hardware. If this trouble doesn’t go away, your only option is to contact Apple’s customer service. Also, tell me in the comments below which fix helped you figure out what was wrong with your iPhone mic.

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