How to Send iMessage with Effects on iPhone and iPad 2023

Did you know that iMessage allows you to add more fun and creative things to your texts? You can make your words stand out by adding emojis, balloons, and more. Along with this, you can make your msg more good. Here I will tell you how to use your iPhone to send iMessage with effects. Let’s begin with how to send iMessage with effects on iPhone and iPad 2023

How to Use Your iPhone’s Effects with iMessage

  • Messages Are Open → React to an already-existing chat or start a new one.
  • Enter your message here → Press and hold the blue send symbol.
  • Select a unique message effect → Press the “Send” button.

How to send iMessage with effects on iPhone and iPad 2023

Adding effects to your imessages makes your msg look better. In addition to text, you can add app effects to videos, photos, emoji effects, GIFS, and more.

How to Utilize iMessage’s Bubble and Screen Effects

Screen Effects allows you to animate the background of the chat box. Bubbles Effects allows you to create custom effects to change how your message appears to other users. You can choose from a variety of bubbles and screen effects, such as:

  • Slam: The text bubble will collide with the chat box.
  • Loud: The message will tremble and rise up, giving the appearance that it is being screamed at.
  • Gentle: The message’s words will begin small and get bigger as they are murmured or expanded until they are all said.
  • Ink Invisible:  Until the other person swipes to display it, your text will be hidden behind a layer that makes it difficult to read.

How to send iMessage with effects on iPhone and iPad 2023

It’s like a bubble effect. iMessage also has screen effects that fill the entire screen with your msg moving backwards. Shift and swipe left on the screen while adding the effect to your iMessage to get the full-screen effect.

  • Echo: We have copied and pasted your remark into the screen.
  • Spotlight: Your message gets illuminated when everything but a small portion of the display becomes dark.
  • Balloons: A series of vibrant balloons appear in animation.
  • Confetti: Colorful pieces of paper drop from the top of the screen.
  • Love: The lettering enlarges into a massive heart before vanishing.
  • Lasers: As the display goes black, bright lasers shoot up and down it.
  • Fireworks: A haptic feedback firework extravaganza accompanies your message.
  • Festivity: Radiant rays of light pour down from the top-right corner of the screen.

How to Use Camera Effects in iMessage Sending

  • Open a new conversation window in Messages or reply to an existing one.
  • Press the + sign → Choose Camera.
  • Select an effect by tapping the Effects icon, like Emoji.
    You can add multiple effects.
  • Select a picture or take a video → Tape Complete.

How to send iMessage with effects on iPhone and iPad 2023

  • Type your message and then press the send button.

How to Apply iMessage’s Built-in Effects on Particular Phrases

iMessage adds foreign screen effects when you send a message with words. You don’t need to go through the steps above to turn them on. And fear not! These words work in other languages too.

  • Best wishes: A rainbow-colored confetti shower
  • Happy birthday: The screen displays balloons floating up.
  • Cheers to the Chinese New Year: Let’s celebrate with sparkling, gold confetti.
  • Cheers to a new year!fireworks
  • Wink wink: Neat lasers

Include a Doodle or Handwritten Message

You can add your personal touch to your message by writing notes by hand. This message will come alive for the person who receives this message. This method is a way to highlight your words.

How to See the Effects of iMessage and Use Expressions to React to Them

You will immediately see the animation when you receive an iMessage with effects on your iPhone. You may playback it later by tapping the Replay [name of effect] button underneath the message. Also, the Invisible Ink effect is reset automatically after being revealed.

Moreover, you may respond to messages with emotions using Tapback.

Do the effects of iMessage not function? Make it right!

Your message effects will look and sound differently based on a few choices. On your iPhone, you may have turned off iMessage screen effects. If you can’t see texting special effects on your iPhone, you need to change them.

  • Navigate to Settings → Choose Accessibility.
  • Toggle off Reduce Motion by tapping Motion.

How to send iMessage with effects on iPhone and iPad 2023

It will enable proper playback of full-screen animations.

Add Fun to Your Boring Texts!

Whether you’re using a bubble effect, a screen effect, or even a handwritten message, these features can make your conversations more creative, expressive, and engaging. But too many effects can become overwhelming and detract from the actual content of your messages. Which effect do you like the best? Let me know in the comments below!

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