How to Forward iPhone Calls With Any Service Provider

The iPhone call forwarding feature lets you divert incoming phone calls to another number, ensuring you never miss an important call. This comes in handy when you are busy or your device is not near you or your mobile is charging or not working. Are you wondering how to enable call forwarding on your iPhone? Read on to learn how to set up and forward calls on iPhone.

How to Set up Your iPhone to Forward Calls

Before we talk about how to transfer calls from one iPhone to another, remember that the steps are very different for each device and carrier. The iPhone’s call-forwarding service works only on GSM networks, which are used by AT&T, T-Mobile, and other providers. How to do it:

  • Open Settings → Phone → Tap Call Forwarding.

How to Forward iPhone Calls With Any Service Provider

  • Toggle on Call Forwarding.
  • Select Forward To and enter the number to which you want your phone to transfer your calls.
  • Tap the back button (<), and call forwarding is enabled.

How to Forward iPhone Calls With Any Service Provider

You can also check some carriers’ websites to turn call forwarding on or off. To set up call forwarding from your desktop, you need to make the right choice. You cannot forward calls to any number in another country.

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How to Use Transfer Codes on an iPhone to Send Calls to Other Numbers

It’s not possible to turn on cellular service on an iPhone if it’s connected to an older CDMA network like Verizon or US Cellular. To send calls from your iPhone to a different number, you’ll need to use transfer codes, which are also known as carrier codes.

On the other hand, CDMA is almost extinct. So, you can get a new SIM card that works with the latest 4G/5G networks to stay connected.

The forwarding number is different for each carrier:

  • For T-mobile users: Use the code **21* before your ten-digit number, followed by a hash sign. Then press Dial. To turn off forwarding, dial ##21#.
  • For Sprint users: Enable call forwarding using *72 followed by the phone number and turn it off by dialing *720.
  • For Verizon users: Dial *72 followed by your number and press Call to enable call forwarding. Disable it by calling *73.

Other codes let you forward calls when certain things happen. That way, you’ll never miss an important call, even if you don’t answer it, your iPhone is offline because of a bad network connection, or you are on another call.

How to Wait for a Call on an iPhone

You can do more than just forward calls; you can also set your phone to wait for calls. With this tool, calls on your iPhone are sent to voicemail. To do this,

  • Head to Settings → Phone.
  • Tap Call Waiting → Toggle on Call. Waiting.

How to Forward iPhone Calls With Any Service Provider

Phones with two SIM cards can only wait for calls on one line at a time unless the other line has Wi-Fi calling turned on and a data link.

Last words…

Call forwarding makes sure you don’t miss another important call by sending it to an open iPhone or number, even if you’re talking on the phone, not reachable, or not at home. Did you get the codes to work? Tell us below!

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