New Apple TV Aerial Views Screensaver on Your Mac (2024)

Screen savers provide us with a visual delight when we take a little break from using our computer or laptop. They do this by displaying stunning designs or expansive views. We return to the displays we were working on when we rouse the computers from a deep slumber. Let’s get started. How to Install the New Apple TV Aerial Views Screensaver on Your Device?

You should reconsider your assumption that screensavers are exclusive to PCs and tablets. Apple TV’s overhead screen savers are excellent. Then you have aerial views of New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, and other locations. However, the screensavers are the same on your Mac. Clean Your MacBook Screen 2023?

How To Get New Apple TV Aerial Views Screensaver On Your Mac?

  • OS X will prompt you to install Aerial.saver when you launch it.

How do I get New Apple TV Aerial Views Screensaver On Mac?

  1. Launch your Mac, then select System from the menu.
  2. Decide on the screen saver and desktop.
  3. Now choose Screen Saver.
  4. Select the screen saver you just loaded into your computer.
  5. Choose Screen Saver Settings and select the images you wish to display on your Mac’s screen.


All of these things are often done by Mac, so it’s preferable to let them happen. The wallpaper has a special function in addition to its attractive appearance: all of the aerial photos are imported directly from Apple, saving the user from having to keep them updated. Apple handles it for them instead. Additionally, you may arrange various fly-past pictures on several displays.

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