iPhone Microphone Malfunctioning? 7 Ways to Solve It!

How often are you on a call and suddenly, the person on the other end can’t hear you? It can be quite frustrating if your device has decided to silence you. Do not be afraid! The following guide will show you how to fix the error when your iPhone’s Microphone is Malfunctioning properly.

1. Empty the iPhone’s Mics

While it may seem obvious, dirt or debris can block your iPhone’s Microphone and cause it to malfunction. So, I would suggest cleaning your iPhone from time to time. Remember to be careful before proceeding to avoid breaking any fragile hardware parts.

  • First, have a look at the microphones by the back camera and at the bottom of your iPhone.
  • If dirt or lint is evident, use compressed air or a soft-bristled brush to gently remove it.

There’s more to cleaning than just the fundamentals! Examine our comprehensive method to thoroughly clean the Microphone and speaker on your iPhone. After you’re done, try making calls or recording sounds to check sure the microphones are working properly once more.

2. Disable Your iPhone’s Bluetooth

While Bluetooth makes connecting to a variety of devices and accessories easier, it can occasionally cause issues with your iPhone’s microphones working. Therefore, to avoid any possible conflicts and enable the Microphone to restore normal operation, turn off Bluetooth while not in use.

iPhone Microphone Malfunctioning? 7 Ways to Solve It!

This will keep your iPhone from pairing and sharing the mic with a connected device. However, note that this fix is directed to Bluetooth interference-related problems only as such will not rectify all microphone Malfunctioning.

3. Remove Your Headphones From the Outside

In case you have a problem with the iPhone’s Microphone, detach all external microphones, wired headphones, or speakers connected to your phone.

In some cases, this simple step resolves the issue; as such, external audio devices tend to overpower the internal microphone functionality. For the built-in iPhone’s Microphone to work well, all the other external audio accessories must be disconnected.

4. Use the iPhone’s Audio Diagnostics

Perform a manual self-diagnostic test if you feel like something is wrong with the Microphone on your iPhone. To do so, remove the case of your iPhone if you use any, and consider the following:

For the primary Microphone:

  • Open your iPhone’s Voice Memos app.
  • Press the record icon to begin speaking.
  • Pause the recording after ten to twenty seconds.
  • Play the audio recording now.

iPhone Microphone Malfunctioning? 7 Ways to Solve It!

  • If your speech is audible, your primary Microphone is functioning properly.

For the Microphone in the back:

  • Turn on the camera and select Video.
  • Change the perspective of the back camera.
  • Press the record button and give the recording some time.
  • Now hit the pause button to view your most recent Video in the Photos app.

iPhone Microphone Malfunctioning? 7 Ways to Solve It!

  • If you can hear your voice clearly, your rear Microphone is also sensitive.

For the Microphone in front:

  • Now do the same thing with the front-facing camera.
  • Just record, then play the Video.
  • If your speech is audible clearly, the front Microphone is functioning properly.

You may test both internal microphones with these tests to see if there are any issues or malfunctions. As a result, you can identify any underlying issues with the Microphone on your iPhone and take the necessary action to fix them.

5. Permit Access to the App’s Microphone

If a certain app on your iPhone ceases functioning with the Microphone, it’s possible that the app doesn’t have the required permissions to function. Make sure that the specific app has been given access to the Microphone as a consequence. To carry out:

  • Go to Settings → Choose Security and Privacy.
  • To see all installed applications that need access to the Microphone, tap Microphone.
  • Turn on the app that you wish to utilize the Microphone in.

iPhone Microphone Malfunctioning? 7 Ways to Solve It!

While the majority of applications request access to the Microphone when they are installed or used for the first time, some may need manual setup adjustments. So, any software-related problems may be fixed by making sure the required app has microphone authorization.

6. Turn off iPhone Noise Canceling

By lowering background noise, the noise cancellation feature is intended to improve the audio quality when on the phone. Still, this feature may lead to a broken microphone on your iPhone if the speaker functions properly, but the Microphone is Malfunctioning. DonDon’trry; it’it’sly a software bug.

  • Go to Settings → Select Accessibility.
  • Choose Audio/Visual now.
  • Turn the phone’s noise cancellation off.

iPhone Microphone Malfunctioning? 7 Ways to Solve It!

Note: This feature is only available in iPhone 12 & earlier models. The newer iPhone models have advanced Voice Isolation feature.

It’s crucial to remember that if the issue still exists after turning off speech isolation or noise cancellation, there can be more underlying causes contributing to the annoyance.

7. More Simple Solutions

  • Restart your iPhone: A quick restart might fix the issue if your iPhone’s Microphone Malfunctioning. This usually updates the device’s operating system and may resolve small issues that are causing the Microphone to fail.
  • Get the newest iOS version by updating: Updating to the newest version of the iPhone is another efficient way to solve this issue. Any software-related problems that are impacting your microphone will be addressed and fixed with the most recent firmware.
  • Reset all settings: You should attempt something drastic if, even after upgrading your iPhone, the microphone still does not work. To eliminate any potential bugs and incompatible settings that can interfere with the functioning, think about factory resetting your iPhone.

Bring back the quiet!

That’s that! We’ve explored everything, from deciphering the mystery of software bugs to delving into the world of hardware. Your only option is to contact Apple customer service if this issue continues. In the comments section below, please share the remedy that you found most helpful in solving your iPhone mic issue.

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