Is the Mail App Not Functioning on iPhone and iPad? 10 Simple Solutions

Have trouble with the Mail app on your iPad or iPhone? We’ve got you covered! We’ll address frequent problems and walk you through easy fixes in this post to make emailing easier.

To get the Mail app back up and running on your iPhone, try these quick remedies if it doesn’t load or if you can’t send or receive emails.

1. See Whether the Mail Server is Unavailable

Verify the mail server’s status before beginning any troubleshooting. Make sure the server is up and functioning by visiting Apple’s system status website if you use iCloud Mail.

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Additionally, go to the website of any other email service you may be using. If you are unable to log in via a browser, get in touch with the system administrator or provider. If not, proceed to the next solution.

2. Verify the Mail Fetch Settings

Take a look at and tweak the Fetch settings if your iPad or iPhone’s email isn’t updating. The option will either be set to Push or Fetch, depending on the email service you choose.

  • Go to Settings, then Mail, then Accounts.
  • Select “Fetch New Data.”
  • Make sure that Automatically is chosen here.
  • Moreover, hit the Email service provider → Choose Push or Pull.

Is the Mail App Not Functioning on iPhone and iPad? 10 Simple Solutions

For improved battery life, you may also select a manual fetch schedule, but keep in mind that the notice will still come in line with that timetable.

3. Examine Your Notification Preferences

Incorrect notification settings might also be the cause of delayed notifications. Let’s fix them.

  • Open the Notifications → Settings menu.
  • Choose the third-party app you use or the Mail app.
  • If you haven’t previously, turn on Allow Notifications and Time-Sensitive Notifications here.

Is the Mail App Not Functioning on iPhone and iPad? 10 Simple Solutions

In addition, make sure the Mail app is included in the Allowed Apps area and that Time Sensitive alerts are enabled if your iPhone is in Focus mode.

4. Allow the Mail App to Use Mobile Data

Internet access is essential, and the Mail app may not function properly if you are experiencing any type of network problem. Thus, verify your data plan, Wi-Fi network, etc.

Additionally, the Mail app functions well when you are at home or the office but not when you are out and about. Next, it’s time to review and adjust a few relevant options.

  • Navigate to SettingsMobile Data.
  • Make sure the Mail app or any other third-party app is toggled on by scrolling down to find it.

Is the Mail App Not Functioning on iPhone and iPad? 10 Simple Solutions

Note: If traveling, tap Mobile Data Options from here and toggle on Data Roaming to keep receiving emails.

5. Verify the Storage on Your iPhone

You won’t be able to receive fresh emails on your iPhone if its storage is full. To view the amount of space that is available, navigate to SettingsGeneraliPhone Storage. As a result, purge certain data from your gadget.

Is the Mail App Not Functioning on iPhone and iPad? 10 Simple Solutions

Additionally, you might not be able to send or receive emails if your iCloud storage is full. Thus, be sure to check its condition as well; navigate to Settings → [your name] → iCloud and release some space if required.

6. Restart Your Smartphone With Force

At iGeeksBlog, our go-to troubleshooting technique. Furthermore, why not? Small bugs are typically fixed on your iPhone by restarting it. Now go ahead and restart your device; if you need assistance, see our instruction on how to force-restart any model of iPhone or iPad.

Continue to the next solution if your Mail app is still not functioning even after restarting.

7. Take the Email Account Down and Re-Create it

There’s a chance that this has to do with the server. Additionally, clearing and restarting your email account can help fix the issue.

  • Click on SettingsMail.
  • After tapping Accounts, choose the problematic email account.
  • To confirm, tap Delete AccountDelete from My iPhone.

Is the Mail App Not Functioning on iPhone and iPad? 10 Simple Solutions

After that, add the account again. All you have to do is choose the provider, press Add Account, and log in.

Note: Your emails are not protected when you back up your iPhone or iPad using iCloud or iTunes—just the Mail settings are. Additionally, if you delete or modify your email account settings, your device may lose any previously downloaded emails.

8. Remove the Mail App and Then Reinstall it

It’s time to wipe the slate and start again if nothing else is working. Reinstall the app from the App Store after deleting the previous one. Hopefully, this clean install will get rid of all the flaws and let you use the Mail app without any issues.

9. Reset Every Configuration

Restoring the factory settings might also be beneficial. But this also implies that all of your networks, passwords, and other data will be erased. So continue with caution and after a backup.

  • Navigate to the General menu.
  • Locate and choose Transfer or Reset iPhone at the bottom.
  • Choose Reset Reset All Configurations.
  • To continue, enter your passcode and choose Reset All Settings.

Is the Mail App Not Functioning on iPhone and iPad? 10 Simple Solutions

10. Speak With Apple Help

You should contact Apple Support if you are still unable to get the Mail app to function correctly. For tech help, you may either make an appointment for a callback or visit the closest Apple Store.

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I hope these tricks helped you get the Mail app back on your iPhone. Please use the comment area below to get in touch with us if you need any more help.

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