4 Ways To Tell if Someone Has Banned You on Snapchat

You don’t receive a notice on Snapchat when someone Banned you. It might be confusing since you go from talking to each other every day to not speaking at all. So, how do you find out whether you’ve been blocked on Snapchat? It is not too difficult to figure out. Read on for 4 simple tips that I’ll be sharing!

What Distinguishes Getting Deleted From Being Vanned on Snapchat?

Before making a claim, it’s critical to understand the difference between blocking and deleting someone from Snapchat. You will be unable to communicate with them through your banned account in any way. You can find them, though, if they deleted you from their friend list. But a label that says “Add Friends” will appear.

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You may still see their tales and send them photos. There’s a catch here. You won’t be able to access the user’s Snapchat account if they have privacy settings enabled to allow friends to message them. Furthermore, if you are unable to see their tales but are still friends, they could have muted you.

1. Verify the contacts on Snapchat

If you check your contact list on Snapchat, you can discover that someone has banned you. You have likely been banned or unfriended if they were there previously and have now disappeared.

  • Open the Instagram app on your iPhone.
  • Press the Bitmoji.
  • To view your friend list, scroll down and select My Friends.

4 Ways To Tell if Someone Has Banned You on Snapchat

2. Look Up their Username on Snapchat

Using the search function on Snapchat is the simplest way to find out whether someone has blocked you. If someone has blocked you or cancelled their account, you are sadly unable to locate their account. Therefore, it is essential to investigate this further before drawing any firm conclusions.

  • Get the Snapchat app open.
  • Select the search icon located at the top.
  • Next, enter their username or, if you are unable to recall it precisely, their entire name.

4 Ways To Tell if Someone Has Banned You on Snapchat

3. Look up Previous Snapchat Conversations

You may also look inside their chat box if you and the user have recently exchanged photos. If your conversation history is missing, it may indicate that you have been banned on Snapchat. So open Snapchat and select Chat from the drop-down menu. Go ahead and scroll to attempt to locate that individual.

However, there’s no certainty that you can find out whether someone on Snapchat has blocked you. This is because messages will expire after a maximum of 24 hours. Hence, think about using other hacks if you think you’re being banned.

Try Chatting with Someone on Snapchat

Once you locate the inbox, make sure you have a steady internet connection before opening it and sending a message. If you are not blocked, it will be successfully provided to you. If not, an automated alert stating, “Your message could not be sent,” will appear. To try again, tap.

In addition, you have been unfriended if the message status indicates Pending with a grey sign.

4. Find their Name on Snapchat Using a Separate Account

As I mentioned, the account can be terminated if you are unable to locate it after searching. So, I advise utilizing a separate account to look up the username. It will clear up the misunderstanding! You may ask people, log out, and make a new Snapchat account. You’ve been barred if the user shows up on another person’s search but not on yours.


  • Could you report the Snapchat user who blocked you?

Yes, by visiting the Snapchat Support website, you may report any user. Provide supporting documentation for your report, such as screenshots, when filing it.

  • Is it possible for me to block the Snapchat user who blocked me?

You are unable to view the profile if you are blocked. Thus, blocking the user is not possible.

So, Snapchatters, that’s it for today!

Before you go, make sure you properly check Snapchat to see if someone has banned you or just unfriended you. It’s also conceivable that Snapchat removed the account due to a violation of community guidelines. Are there any other ways you can determine whether someone has blocked you? Tell me in the comments section below.

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