Double tapping on an Apple Watch not working? 9 Ways to Solve It!

The Double Tapping feature introduced with the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Series 9 was hailed as a huge step forward in technology. However, many users have found it frustratingly unresponsive. In this guide, I will show you how to fix the Apple Watch double tap feature not working issue.

1. Verify the Compatibility of Your Watch

There are also some general things you should know about your Apple Watch before we get into the issues it may be having. It is important to know if this function works with your Apple Watch.

As of this writing, only the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 support the double-tap capability.

2. Turn on Wake While in Wrist Raise Mode

  • Use your Apple Watch to open the Settings app.
  • After swiping down, select Display & Brightness.
  • Turn on Wake on Wrist Raise now.

Double tapping on an Apple Watch not working? 9 Ways to Solve It!


It will wake up your Apple Watch screen whenever you raise your wrist. By enabling this setting, you can potentially resolve any issues with double-tap functionality.

3. Make Sure You’re Using the Functionality Properly

Apple Watch’s double-tap function presents a steep learning curve for new users. We recommend following our comprehensive tutorial on using the double-tap gesture to make sure you’re setting up and using the functionality correctly.

To get the best results, keep the following factors in mind:

4. Activate Wrist Recognition

Like all the other key factors we’ve covered so far, wrist detection is crucial for the Apple Watch’s double-tap functionality to work. In other words, Apple Watch’s wrist detection feature will activate the screen as soon as you raise your wrist.

If your Apple Watch is worn correctly and you have Wrist Detection turned on, you should be able to fix the double tap problem and have a seamless user experience.

5. Give your Apple Watch a Hard Reset or Restart

If the problem persists with your Apple Watch, restart your Apple Watch.

This straightforward yet efficient repair frequently resolves small software bugs that might be the source of the double-tap feature’s dysfunction.

If restarting doesn’t fix the problem, you can also opt for a hard reset. As an extra precaution, remember to back up your devices so you don’t lose anything important.

Sometimes a full reset of all settings necessitates unpairing and repairing the devices.

You should be able to swiftly and effectively resolve any problems with your Apple Watch’s double-tap feature by using these troubleshooting techniques.

6. Update WatchOS

Updating the watchOS is another practical way to solve the Apple Watch double tap issue. Updating the software on your Apple Watch guarantees that you’ll always have access to the newest features and bug patches.

Keep in mind that your Apple Watch should have at least 50% battery left and connect it to your charger. This should fix any issues related to the double tapping not working properly on your Apple Watch so you can get back the flawless user experience.

7. Make Sure the Watch is not in a Family Setup

Make sure Family Setup isn’t activated on your Apple Watch if you’re experiencing issues with the double-tap function. Family members without iPhones may use cellular-enabled watches thanks to the Family Setup feature.

The inability to perform the double tap gesture for alerts on an iPhone that is connected is one of the feature’s restrictions. You must uninstall Family Setup from your device as a consequence. This should fix the problem with your Apple Watch’s ineffective double-tap feature.

8. Ensure Your Wrist is Free of Tattoos

It’s crucial to take into account every possibility while troubleshooting the non-functioning double tap on the Apple Watch. The existence of wrist tattoos is one less well-known factor.

The Apple Watch’s capacitive touch sensors are positioned strategically beneath the touchscreen, yet they are unable to detect touches through tattoos. Sometimes, electrical impulses from tattoos are distorted or blocked, interfering with these sensors.

Users should make sure that their tattooed wrist does not obstruct the Apple Watch’s capacitive touch sensors to fix this problem. If this holds, you’ll need to make a decision or get the tattoo off your wrist for good.

9. Turn off Low Power Mode

To preserve battery life, the Apple Watch’s Low Power Mode tends to limit some functionalities, such as the double tap capability. Therefore, you need to turn off Low Power Mode by doing the actions listed below:

  • To access the Control Center on your Apple Watch, press the side button.
  • Turn off Low Power mode if it is activated.

Double tapping on an Apple Watch not working? 9 Ways to Solve It!

  • Disable Water Lock, Theater, and Sleep Focus Bed modes as well while you’re at it.

Get in touch with Apple Support

Try double-pressing your Apple Watch once again after complying to check whether the functionality has been restored.

To date, there have been a lot of fixes aimed at fixing the Apple Watch’s Double Tap functionality not functioning. But there’s only so much that we can accomplish. It is advisable to see professionals if the problem still bothers you.

To find you a customized solution for this issue, Apple Support will consider any specifics about your device or any troubleshooting steps you have taken.


  • What if Double Tap on the Apple Watch is being interfered with by a hardware problem?

If all else fails, we’ll help you uncover possible hardware issues. If it’s a malfunctioning sensor or something else entirely, we’ll assist you in deciding if you need to visit the Apple Store.

  • How frequently does this problem arise?

Software bugs or incorrectly configured settings can occasionally cause a double-tap hiccup. However, they are not very prevalent. You may be confident that our guide will cover all of these topics in detail.

Remain tech-aware!

Here it is the key to reviving the double-tap magic on your Apple Watch. You may now traverse your environment with fluid, responsive interactions rather than stumbling upon empty air. I hope your taps are quick and your Apple Watch is responsive till the next time.

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