How to Disable the Mac’s Message Sound Effects

When you send or receive a message, do you want to Disable the Mac’s Message Sound Effects? If so, you’re in the proper location. Discover the many methods to disable the iMessage sound on your Mac by following this article. Bid adieu to inconvenient interruptions and welcome to a peaceful and quiet environment.

How to Disable the Mac’s Messaging Noises

It’s crucial to turn off message sound effects if your Mac’s frequent iMessage notification sounds are distracting you. Thankfully, there are a few tips that can help you do this. Let’s investigate each one.

Step 1: Through the Message Settings

  • Open the Mac version of Messages.
  • From the Menu bar, select Messages and then select Settings.

How to Disable the Mac's Message Sound Effects

  • Uncheck the Play sound effects box now.

How to Disable the Mac's Message Sound Effects

That’s all! You’ll no longer hear the whooshing sound whenever you send a text in a message.

Step 2: Utilizing the System Preferences

  • To access System Settings, click the Apple logo.

How to Disable the Mac's Message Sound Effects

  • In the left pane, choose Notifications → choose Messages.
  • Turn off the notifications sound.
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After making this change, you will no longer hear any annoying sound notifications when messages are received on your Mac.

Step 3: Use the Keyboard to Silence your Mac

  • To muffle audio, use the F10 key on your keyboard.
  • Until you manually enable the system sounds, you won’t be able to hear any multimedia noises at this time.
  • To undo your last action, press F10 once again.


How to Disable the Mac's Message Sound Effects

Step 4: Turn on Focus mode

Having to manually turn on and off the Mac’s message sound may quickly get confusing. On Mac, Focus mode is the best option if you want to turn off the messaging app for a specific amount of time. Without requiring your attention, you may set an automated timer to play the iMessage notification sound on your Mac.

Because of this, you can guarantee that there aren’t many distractions during working hours and that your workflow remains unbroken while you continue to get critical alerts.


  • Do the iMessage sound settings transfer to every Apple product I own?

No, every gadget has different options. You will need to change the settings on each device separately if you wish to Disable the Mac’s Message Sound Effects on your iPad or iPhone.

  • Is it possible to momentarily turn off message noises without adjusting settings?

Yes, you can turn off all of your notifications at once by turning on your Mac’s Do Not Disturb mode if you’re searching for a quick fix.

Quiet the Swoosh!

You can now set up a calm and distraction-free atmosphere on your Mac, whether you’re working on a project or taking a break. With the help of this article, you may work on your Mac without being interrupted by alerts and have a calm workplace.

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