6 Free Ways to Compress images on Mac 2023

Struggling to fit all your precious photos into the available storage space on your Mac or iCloud? In this case, image compressors can help you reduce the file size of your image without reducing its quality. Here, I’ll show you how to compress photos on your Mac. We have the complete method. Compress images on Mac, so follow the steps up.

How image compression works on Mac?

Compressing photos on Mac allows you to minimise image file size without sacrificing image quality. A Mac has two types of picture compression, depending on the process: lossless and lossy. The lossless technique will minimise file size without affecting quality.

Meanwhile, with lossy, there is a possibility of quality loss when the picture is compressed, although this may not be evident. The majority of the strategies described here are designed to guarantee that picture file sizes can be reduced on a Mac without sacrificing quality. (Compress images on Mac 2024)

How to Compress a Photograph on a Mac Using the Preview App

The Preview application facilitates instantaneous image viewing and can serve as a simple tool for compressing photo albums on a Mac. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Preview app. Choose the compressed photo.
  • Click open now.
  • As an alternative, you may right-click on a picture and choose Preview → Open with.

How to Compress a Photograph on a Mac Using the Preview App

  • From the menu bar, click Tools, and then choose Adjust Size.

How to Compress a Photograph on a Mac Using the Preview App

  • In the Resolution field, enter a lesser number and check the resampled picture.
  • Checking the scale proportionately is another option.
  • Verify the size and select OK. Compress images on Mac

How to Compress a Photograph on a Mac Using the Preview App

If you input a minimal value that produces a little picture, don’t panic. If you use the same procedures, you may adjust the resolution value to fit the needed size without seeing any loss in quality.

Modify the size of a picture on Mac

The proportions of an image affect its size as well. A 1920 x 1080 image has a larger file size than a 720 x 480 image. Therefore, you may experiment with the dimensions to reduce the size of photographs on your Mac. To do it, take the preceding 1-3 steps, and then:

  • Reduce the value that is entered in the width and height fields.
  • To make sure the picture dimensions are not lost, make sure the scale is set proportionately.
  • After selecting the new size below, click OK.

Modify the size of a picture on Mac

Export to a different picture format

The format of a photograph affects its size as well. For most photos, JPG/JPEG files are frequently smaller than PNG ones. Thus, you may convert your photos to lower the size of the file. For Mac, refer to our previously published tutorial on compressing HEIC to JPG Compress images on Mac. For other formats, take the following actions:

  • Launch Preview and open the picture.
  • From the menu bar, click File > Export.
  • Choose the place to store it after adding a new name.

Export to a different picture format

  • Drag the slider to pick JPEG → Adjust Quality from the drop-down option next to Format.
  • Click Save when you’ve reached the desired file size.

Export to a different picture format

Note: After the image is saved, it cannot be upscaled using the same procedures. Therefore, to resize the image, you have to do the same actions on the original file.

How to use Mac Quick Actions to compress pictures

  • On a Mac, choose the photo and use the right-click menu to compress it.
  • Navigate to Quick Actions and choose Convert Picture.

How to use Mac Quick Actions to compress pictures

  • Select the image size after the format selection.
  • In this case, I’m selecting JPEG and Small appropriately.
  • The option to “preserve metadata” is available.
  • Click on JPG Conversion.

How to use Mac Quick Actions to compress pictures

On a Mac, you can compress a photo album using the same procedures. Open the folder, select all the photographs, then right-click and take the previously described actions.

How to use Mac to compress a picture album

  • Access the picture album → Choose every image to be compressed.
  • To get a preview, right-click on any image and select “Open With.”
  • To pick every image in the left sidebar, press Command + A.
  • From the menu bar, select File Export Selected Images.
  • After selecting a save location, select Show Options.
  • Select the format now.
    I’m choosing JPEG here.
  • Adjust the quality. Hit Choose by dragging the slider.

There will be a preview box for each file if you have selected photographs in a different format. The identical procedures must be followed for each of them. If you see the message “Cannot export selected items,” pick photographs in alternative formats and try the process again.

Utilise the Mac Photos program to reduce image size.

In addition to the Preview app, you may compress a picture or even an album on a Mac by using the Photos program. The biggest advantage of this strategy is that it will also result in smaller image sizes for iPhones and iPads.

  • Start the pictures → Choose which pictures to reduce in size.
  • From the menu bar, select File Export Export X photographs.
  • The Format can then be selected from the drop-down menu.
  • To minimise the size, select a picture of JPEG quality.
    I’ve decided on Small and High, accordingly.
  • Choose a file name, then select Export.

Use Mac’s Finder to reduce the size of photos

I doubt that anyone anticipated being able to use the Finder software to compress Mac photos. However, this approach works well for sharing your photos.

  • Launch the Finder. To compress, choose either the picture or the album.
  • Select Compress by clicking on the File option in the menu bar.

You may require a reliable unarchive program to extract the photos from the zip file that is created by these procedures. Below are some excellent recommendations from me.

On a Mac, use third-party programs or utilities to compress pictures.

On a Mac, you may additionally compress photographs with the aid of several more third-party programs or utilities. Additionally, I’ve put together a thorough guide to the top Mac image compressors! You can select any of them because I’ve tested and verified that they’re all safe and function well.


Using the methods I’ve shown here, compressing photos on a Mac is simple. Try each of the default techniques to see which works best for you. However, kindly refrain from uploading any private photos if you use any third-party tools. Please leave any questions or concerns in the comments section below.

I wish you luck!

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