BatFi mac (Version 1.4.1) Download Latest 2024

BatFi Mac Overview

BatFi Mac is a simple yet powerful battery management tool designed specifically for macOS. It allows you to manage and extend the battery life of your Mac. BatFi monitors your battery’s charging status and percentage and offers intelligent control for optimal battery performance.

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  • Automatic Charge Inhibition: BatFi monitors the battery level and launches along with your system. The app will automatically stop charging your computer when the charging level reaches the threshold you set (or defaults to 80%). BatFi extends the life of your battery by avoiding a full charge.
  • Convenient 100-percent Charge Option: Need the maximum battery life to complete a particular task? BatFi has a dedicated command that can be accessed from the status bar icon. You can charge your battery up to 100% with just one click.
  • Set it and forget it. BatFi will take care of your battery management. After you have configured your settings, the app will work seamlessly in the background without any further intervention. Set it up, and BatFi will handle the rest.
  • Informative notifications: Stay up-to-date with changes in charging mode by using BatFi’s notifications. Clicking on the icon for status items will alert you when your charging mode changes. You can also access battery information instantly by clicking the icon. You can view vital information such as battery percentage, estimated remaining time, battery cycle number, battery temperature, power supply status, and battery health.
  • Customisable Icon: BatFi’s status icon is both functional and visually appealing. The battery icon is customisable to your liking. It displays the percentage and charging status in a stylish manner. Watch the animations that change as the battery state changes. This adds a new level of excitement to your battery monitor experience.

What’s new in version 1.4.1 For Mac

  • Battery health now matches the OS value.
  • Sleeping with the system charging limitation on is an option.
  • Show a power graph as an option.
  • Apps with high energy consumption can be listed.
  • Koren localization
  • Russian localization
  • French Localization
  • Updated German and Polish localization
  • Bug Fixes
BatFi mac (Version 1.4.1) Download Latest 2024


How do I check battery health on Mac?

You may have to scroll down. Battery Health is located on the right.

Is normal battery health on Mac good?

If you look at the maximum capacity of the battery, you can tell if your Mac is new or not. If it is 90%, then your Mac is about to reach the end of its life. As soon as your Mac’s battery health falls below 80%, it is advised that it be replaced with a brand new one.

Why is my Mac’s battery draining so fast?

High-performance graphics cards and apps like Zoom (r), Spotify (r), and other energy hogs can drain your battery.

How do I show battery time on my Mac?

Select Apple menu > System settings, and then click Control Centre in the sidebar. You may have to scroll down. Click on Battery to the right, and then select Show in the menu bar.


LicenseApp Requirements
Size: 5.2 MB
Developer’s website:
Apple Silicon
macOS 13.0 or later
Increase the lifespan of the battery in your Mac.

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