1LimX Mac (Version 2.1.11) Latest Download 2024

1LimX Mac Overview

1LimX Mac is a password manager and a text, rich text, and file encryption/decryption tool at the same time in a user-friendly way.

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Security and Privacy: 100%

  • Google has chosen the industry standard 256-bit encryption (ChaCha20 Poly1305) to encrypt your data. The entire process, from creating your master key and master password to storing data, takes place on your device.

Multi-Type Data Encryption and Fast Encryption

  • Text, image, file, date, time, 2-factor authentication, etc. are supported.
  • Encrypt data in gigabytes in seconds. The encryption is fast and secure, as everything takes place offline and is optimised for your device’s computing power.
  • You can now optimise your device by watching the preview videos.

It is more than just a password manager or an encrypted file. It supports:

  • Autofill (on mobile)
  • Backup auto.
  • Password generator.
  • Custom text and file encryption.
  • Fill in multiple fields with text, date, and time from the camera image or library taken by your phone.
  • You can preview and restore the encrypted data on any device with 1LimX.
  • There are many more…


  • There are many templates that will save you time, such as credit cards, addresses, bank accounts, passports, driver’s licenses, etc.,… and not just passwords.


  • 1LimX can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

What’s new in version 2.1.1 For Mac

  • A bug was fixed where backup files smaller than 500MB containing 51 or more files could not be decrypted.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented the complete percentage from being visible when restoring data (merging files)’
  • The button to reload app data information on the Settings—App Data Info page no longer works when you create new categories, items, or templates.


LicenseApp Requirements
Size: 172.2 MB
Developer’s website: 1limx.com
Intel 64
Apple Silicon
macOS 10.13 or later
Complete data protection solution.

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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