WhatRoute For Mac Version 2.6.8 Latest (India) 2024

WhatRoute overview

WhatRoute finds the names of the routers that an IP packet travels through as it moves from your Mac to the destination host. It measures the time it takes for an IP packet to travel from your Mac to a router. This allows you to identify slow links or hops on the Internet. WhatRoute is able to find dead links, such as routers, that don’t respond. (JSON Editor For Mac)

  • The geo-location service is queried, and the location of hosts found in a trace on a LAN or active on it can be plotted in low resolution or in high resolution in Google Earth.
  • WhatRoute provides network and port scanning, pinging, whois, DNS, and LAN monitoring functionality.
  • Find out the ASN of a network and its peers.
  • View network flow

Please note that although the software is categorized as freeware, it is in fact donationware. Please consider making donations to support the development.

WhatRoute For Mac Version 2.6.8 Latest (India) 2024

What’s new in version 2.6.8 Mac

  • Compiled with Xcode 15 2
  • Uses Sparkle 2.5.2.
  • Display detailed test results if desired.



App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • Apple Silicon
  • MacOS 10.13 or later

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