Transnomino For Mac Version 8.3.1 (2024 Latest)

Transnomino For Mac overview

Transnomino provides an array of renaming choices, from simple text substitutions to more complex ones based on regular expressions. You can create a sequence of any number of actions and preview their results while you’re creating them. 

This allows you to save the renaming of sequences and then use them later.

Add numbers at the beginning or end of the filename. You can specify how many digits to use for sorting the files. Drag and drop files to reorder.

You can rename files by changing their name, path, or extension.

Transnomino allows the insertion of file attributes such as EXIF ID3 and FLAC. If EXIF GPS longitude and latitude data are available, it can even be used to lookup address information.

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  • Find or Replace (with Wildcard Support)
  • Find and replace regular expressions.
  • Changes in case, including upper and lowercase and capitalization:
  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Numbering
  • Filenames with prefixes or suffixes and the setting of the filename
  • Remove diacritics

Transnomino For Mac

What’s new in version 8.3.1 For Mac

Bug Fixing

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