New Topaz Photo AI Version 2.4.1 For Mac (Latest 2024)

On Mac, Topaz Photo AI is now accessible. You’ll receive a link for downloads.

Topaz Photo AI overview

In the ever-evolving world of digital photography, the quest for a reliable and innovative image editing tool is unending. Enter Topaz Photo AI Version 2.4.1, a game-changer that promises not just edits but transformations. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this software, exploring its features, benefits, and the impact it has on the creative process.

Topaz Photo AI has been a go-to choice for photographers and designers worldwide, but the latest version, 2.4.1, takes it a step further. Packed with advanced features and an intuitive interface, it redefines the possibilities of image editing.

Topaz Photo AI Version 2.3.1 For Mac
Maximise your photos’ potential.

Enhance image resolution and quality based on an in-depth understanding of your photograph.

Improve Quality

Noise and blur reduction, which are the best in the world, will maximise your image quality. This is especially useful when shooting in low-light conditions, with fast-moving objects, or in unusual environments.

Crisp, clear, and noiseless.

It is a wonderful feeling to watch noise disappear while crisp detail remains. Topaz Photo AI analyses your image to accurately distinguish between noise and image detail.

Tack-sharp subjects.

Sharpening is a traditional technique, but Topaz Photo AI’s Sharpen module reverses blurriness by reversing the root causes (camera shakes, motion blurs, and missed focus), resulting in more natural results. Sharpness is retained in the absence of blur—clear, crisp detail without edge haloes or any other artefacts.

Increased Resolution

Join the hundreds of thousands of photographers and designers using Topaz to create real image detail for better printing and restoration.

Add real detail to your photos with Magically.

Topaz Photo AI “remembers” real detail from millions of similar images and then fills in the missing pixels in this understanding. It’s similar to how you can see a friend’s facial features without actually being in their presence. You can add real resolution to your images for better prints or tighter cropping.

Recover your faces naturally.

Face Recovery AI, introduced in 2024 by the leading AI company, offers a remarkable enhancement of detail for faces with low resolution or blurred images.

Improve lighting intelligently.

It is a wonderful feeling to watch noise disappear while crisp detail remains. Topaz Photo AI analyses your image to accurately distinguish between noise and image detail.

Autopilot: Improve your efficiency

You can specify adjustments based on detected attributes such as subjects, faces, and blur levels. Autopilot lets you customise photo AI according to your workflow and your unique photographic style.

Easy Workflow

Topaz Photo AI runs directly on a Mac or PC. You can use the standalone version to process thousands of photos in sequence or as a Photoshop plug-in for tight integration. Photo AI is also optimised for the fastest possible performance on your computer by partnering with hardware manufacturers such as Nvidia, AMD, and Intel.

What’s new in version 2.4.0 For Mac

Topaz Photo AI has a big update today. This new design gives you more control and flexibility when processing your images. The following features are key to this change:

  • You can select the order of enhancements.
  • For each enhancement, you can choose different areas of the image.
  • You can enhance your image multiple times. You can, for example, sharpen both the subject and background separately.
  • You can use the remove tool like any other filter. Remove content, then enhance your image.
  • The crop tool was reworked for a more fluid experience. A straightening tool was also added.
  • Photo AI now feels more responsive thanks to a new filter processing system.

(Version 2.4.1)

  • The right panel now includes sub-headers for selection preview and face preview.
  • Hovering over a picture will now display a dialogue with dimensions.
  • Hotkeys added for adding enhancements: (Ctrl+K, arrow keys, and enter)
  • Addition of selection colour and opacity for Remove Tool and Preserve Text
  • Select All or None for Preserve Text.
  • Add a lower bound to zoom when Fit% is high.
  • Add support for 1x upscaled in the PS Filter plugin.
  • Support for monochrome DNGs has been added.
  • Add an OS-specific app icon notification (bounce or blink) when export finishes.
  • New cursors have been added for rotations and crops.
  • Add dynamic preview background dots that adjust according to zoom.
  • Sharpen now has auto-selection preferences.
  • The advanced brush control has been moved into a collapsible part.
  • Fix Sharpen auto-selection to None (now only applies to All).
  • Fixes a processing delay when moving the model sliders.
  • Fixes sliders that reset to default values when switching images
  • Fixed Face Previews that do not respect crop rotations and cropping
  • Images not centred on import
  • Fix Enter shortcut does not focus on slider input fields initially.
  • When cancelling the first crop, the fixed crop aspect ratio resets to 0.
  • Remove Tool crashes intermittently
  • Rotations of fixed images are applied to all other images within a batch.
  • Fix raw images that shift when lens correction is off.
  • Fix batch processing crashes with raw images.
  • Fix Olympus OM-1 Mark II images not saving
  • Automatic Lensfun Update
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Size: 341.3 MB
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Intel 64
Apple Silicon
macOS 11 or later
Enhance image quality and resolution of your photo.

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