Speedify For Mac Version 14.5.2 + VPN (APK) Latest 2024

Speedify overview

Speedify combines multiple internet sources to create a super-connection that is more stable for live streaming, web browsing, and video calling.

  • Prevent streaming errors: Whether you live stream or Zoom conferences for a living on a regular basis, Speedify will provide a stable and reliable stream experience. Speedify prioritises audio and video streams and dynamically adapts to network conditions, so you don’t have to ask, “Can you hear me?” Start streaming at the same speed as all of your connections!
  • Reliable Internet, Wherever You Go! Hate it when audio or video stops because you’ve stepped out of the Wi-Fi range and you have to pause? Speedify seamlessly switches your web traffic from one Internet connection to another without skipping frames or missing a beat, making it the ideal VPN for today’s increasingly mobile world. Our extensive network of VPN server locations in over 70 countries around the world ensures you can access websites and services no matter where you’re located.
  • Privacy and security: Speedify uses the most advanced encryption standards to provide a secure connection that ensures no one can see your sensitive data.
  • No Logs Speedify respects your privacy as well. We do not record the IP address of the websites you visit or the content of the data that is sent or received using our service. (Adobe After Effects Mac)


  • VPN encryption: All data sent via Speedify will now be protected by a fast encryption that can be activated at any time using the switch located on the main screen.
  • Speed servers in multiple locations: Speedify works with speed servers around the globe to intelligently divide traffic and deliver the combined speeds of all Internet connections. Our servers are located in over 35 cities around the globe.
  • The application is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, and Romanian.
  • Packet loss and error correction: Speedify employs a number of techniques, such as forward error correction, to correct lost or corrupted packets. This is done before they can slow down your Internet experience.
  • Redundant mode: Do you have a jittery or lossy Internet connection? Speedify’s Redundant Mode can double throughput on a single connection if packets are dropped. It also reduces latency significantly when multiple connections are used.
  • Failover protection: What if you lose one of your connections or the other? No problem! No problem!
  • Connection Priority: With just one click, you can configure Speedify to use only your 4G phone, mobile hotspot, or any other expensive Internet connection or those with limited data when Wi-Fi and Ethernet are overcrowded or unavailable.
Speedify For Mac Version 14.5.2 + VPN (APK) Latest 2024
The price quoted is for the unlimited data-yearly plan. can be found here for all plans and pricing.

What’s new in version 14.5.2 For Mac

  • This listing has been updated without release notes.


Use all your Internet connections at one time.


  • Shareware
  • Size: 15.5 MB
  • Developer’s website: Speedify.com

App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • MacOS 10.13 or later

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