Scherlokk (india) Version 6.0.1 For Mac Latest 2024

Scherlokk Overview

Scherlokk allows you to search for files that meet your search criteria in a fast and accurate manner. Music, pictures, bookmarks, documents, etc. You can find anything quickly and easily. The search can be performed on any type of volume: built-in, portable (memory card, USB drive), network (AFP,SMB,FTP), Thunderbolt, Firewire (CD/DVDs, external HDDs, slave computers), etc. The file does not need to be hidden or in the system. Scherlokk can find the file without it being indexed by OS X. You can specify the type of file (music, movie, or picture) you are searching for. Or, you can specify some file attributes (sizes, dates, etc.). Content can be specified for documents or data files. Scherlokk displays all folders that fit within a specified size range when searching by size range. (Raycast For Mac)

Why choose Scherlokk instead of Spotlight?

  • Scherlokk uses the index of Spotlight to search for files, but instead searches forreal’ ones. The index may not be up-to-date and not include all files.
  • A search engine that is extremely fast finds your files faster than the competition.
  • Scherlokk displays search results either in a flat view or a hierarchical one. This helps you quickly find the file that you are looking for and where it is located within the folder structure.
  • easy-to-use interface. What files can Scherlokk locate? Scherlokk’s powerful search engine is not based on Spotlight and will therefore find all files in any volume on your computer.

Scherlokk compares any file (text or binary) and shows the differences. It takes into account additions or deletions. It uses an advanced algorithm to find similar blocks and displays them as a difference list. You will love it if you try it out!

What’s new in version 6.0.1 For Mac

  • Name uniformity: renamed the app “Scherlokk” to standardise names for the web and AppStore versions.
  • Compatibility with the latest macOS.
  • The helper now opens the mini Scherlokk.
  • The translation has improved.
  • Bug Fix
Scherlokk (india) Version 6.0.1 For Mac Latest 2024


LicenseApp requirements
Size: 5.8 MB
Developer’s website:
Intel 64
Apple Silicon
macOS 10.13 or later
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