Photo GUN For Mac Version 1.23 Latest 2024

Photo GUN overview

It’s time to stop the repetitive, tedious work! Drag and drop Photo GUN (a hundred or thousands) into the drop-window and choose which operations to apply. All processed photo files are saved in a separate folder when you click “Save Results.”.


  • You can resize your photos for email, blogs, websites, and social networks.
  • Enhance the colour and light balance by adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation.
  • Apply “Vignetting,” an artistic effect, to bring attention to the middle of the photo.
  • Add watermarks to prevent unauthorised usage and/or copyright texts or company logos with customisable transparency levels and other parameters. This operation can be used to merge photos.
  • Cut off unwanted image portions.
  • Rotate the image to change its angle.
  • Mirror the image horizontally and vertically.
  • You can blur your images to hide certain details (different levels are available).
  • Add borders for a decorative effect using different frame colours and thicknesses.
  • Swap the RGB channels;
  • Use the histogram to improve photos taken in similar conditions.
  • Binarize images using a threshold value to produce monochromatic results.
  • Grayscale converts colour images to black and white.
  • Inverting the photo
  • Convert file formats to and from JPEG (including the full range of quality compression for JPEG from 1% up to 100%), PNG (including the full range of quality compression), TIFF (including the BMP), XPM, and PPM.
  • Your photos can now have new names.
  • The order of operation can be changed to get the best results.
  • If you’ll need the same operation flow over and over, save it as a preset.
  • Click the eye icon on the flow thumbnails to see all the images at every stage of the applied operation. The graphics are retina-ready.

What’s new in version 1.23 For Mac

  • Small GUI changes
  • Remove social buttons
Photo GUN For Mac Version 1.23 Latest 2024


LicenseApp requirements
Size: 40.9 MB
Developer’s website:
Intel 64
Apple Silicon
macOS 10.13 or later
Edit all your photos automatically.

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