Malwarebytes For PC Latest Download 2024

Malwarebytes For PC Overview

Malwarebytes For PC Anti-Malware keeps things simple with an easy-to-use dashboard. In the centre is a big button that says, “Scan Now.” You can also see the date and time of your last scan and any recent updates. On the left side of the screen are categories like Scans, Exclusions, Quarantine, and Reports for easy navigation.

Malwarebytes is your computer’s watchdog, especially against hidden threats. You can choose between a regular scan or a more personalised scan. The program neatly quarantines suspicious programs so you can review and manage them. You can also mark trusted programs as exclusions to improve program accuracy over time.


Experience faster browsing, up to four times faster.

speeds up the loading of webpages by preventing undesirable material, such as third-party advertisements, which can help you save bandwidth and maintain your sanity.

Thwarts tech support scammers

Detects and halts tactics like browser lockers, hijackers, and other scareware techniques that scammers use to deceive you into paying them money.

Eliminates clickbait ads

Gets rid of bothersome clickbait ads that lead you to content of questionable value.

Safeguards your privacy

Blocks third-party ad trackers that track your online movements and subject you to repetitive ads.

Prevents browser-based malware

It stops malware-infected web pages, in-browser cryptojackers (unwanted cryptocurrency miners), and other malicious content from harming your system.

Malwarebytes For PC Latest Download 2024


  • Advertising and tracker protection shields your online activity from being tracked by third-party advertisements and trackers. In your browser, the quantity of ads and trackers banned for a particular website will show up next to the Malwarebytes logo.
  • Scam protection: prevents internet scams like phishing attempts, browser lockers, and technical support scams.
  • Browser-level malware protection: guard against malicious programs or codes that could harm your system.
  • Protection against XSS Malicious Remote Script Injection.
Blocks unwanted content, including ads and malicious websites.
Identifies and stops tech support scams, clickbait ads, and other scare tactics.
Protects your privacy by blocking third-party ad trackers.
Prevents browser-based malware.
Official Website:
Only available as a browser extension for Chrome on Windows PCs.
Possibly less efficient than specialised anti-malware software.
Some users may prefer to manually manage their ad and tracker preferences.

What’s New In Version For PC


  • Subscription Expiring Notifications: Stay in the loop about your subscription’s expiration with our new notifications.
  • Marketing Preferences: Gain control by turning off specific promotional messages in a new setting. Find it in Settings->Notifications->Marketing Preferences.
  • The Notification section now includes the ability to change the duration after which certain informational notifications are automatically ignored.
  • New Trusted Advisor Monitoring: We’re keeping an eye on other active anti-virus solutions. This feature applies to free users without Malwarebytes Active Protection.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the main window from opening when a notice was displayed.
  • Fixed an update-related issue where it would take 3 “Check for updates and UI restarts for a new component version update to be applied.
  • Stability improvements and various crash fixes

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Malwarebytes For PC

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