How to [Set the iPhone Charging Cap to 80%] 2024

Did you ever think about how to keep your iPhone’s battery healthy? Apple has what you need if so. How to Set the iPhone Charging Cap to 80%? You can only charge the iPhone 15 series’ battery Cap to 80%. Yet, we didn’t want to leave other people in the dark, so we found a way to make it work. Learn how to stop your iPhone from charging past 80% by reading on.

How to Set the iPhone 15 or Later to Charge Cap to 80% of the Way

iPhone Charge Cap to 80%

  • When asked, select Charging Optimisation.
  • To finish the process, choose 80% Limit.

iPhone Charge Cap to 80%

Note: In case you need to roll back these changes, you can follow the same steps.

With the iPhone 15 series, optimizing the battery not only makes your trusty friend last longer but it also makes it look a little more high-tech. It’s too bad that this doesn’t work for older iPhones.

Don’t worry, though; there is another way to get this useful function that will help your device’s battery last longer.

Limit Any iPhone Battery Charge Cap to 80%

  • Get to the 80% Charge Alarm quick link.
  • To start, tap “Get Shortcut.”
  • Pick the “Add Shortcut” choice when asked.

iPhone Charge Cap to 80%

  • Now, go to the Automation menu and select “New Automation.”
  • To find Charger, go to From the list, choose Charger.

iPhone Charge Cap to 80%

  • Set the settings as shown in the picture below.
  • Press “Next” to move on.

iPhone Charge Cap to 80%

  • To set the 80% Charge Alarm, go to the “My Shortcuts” page and pick it.

iPhone Charge Cap to 80%

At the time, your device will make a ringing sound whenever it is charged and the battery level reaches 80%.

Possible Perks of Charging iPhone Batteries Only 80% of the Way

Now that you know everything there is to know about this useful battery add-on, let’s talk about the pros of using it.

  • One of the best things about the iPhone is that its battery lasts longer. Lithium-ion batteries in these things lose their power over time if they are charged to their fullest capacity all the time.
  • If you overcharge a battery, the extra energy can be turned into heat. People can save energy and keep their iPhones from burning in the long run by only charging them to 80% full.

iPhone users who use this method will get batteries that last longer and their device will work at its best for as long as it does.


  • Will charging only 80% of the time change how I use my phone every day?

There isn’t much of an effect on daily use. You’ll still be able to use your iPhone regularly, but the battery’s health and life will improve over time.

  • Are there any official Apple guidelines about how much a battery can be charged?

As of this writing, Apple says that the best way to keep your iPhone battery healthy is to keep it between 20% and 80% charged.

  • Why does my iPhone’s battery die so quickly for no reason?

A lot of iPhone users have this problem. Have no fear; our in-depth help on battery drain has got your back.

Give your iPhone Power!

That’s it, smart iPhone people! You now know how to perfectly manage how your device charges, which will ensure that the battery lasts a long time and stays healthy. Don’t worry about the 80% charging cap; let your iPhone live a full life.

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