How to Utilize iOS 17’s StandBy Mode on an iPhone

Now that iOS 17 is here, there are many new and intriguing features. The feature that has garnered the most attention among them is the ability to use your iPhone as a nightstand or smart display thanks to the new StandBy functionality.

Although this feature seems fantastic, many people are curious about how to utilize it on their iPhones and what it looks like in practice. You’re at the correct spot if these are the same questions you have. I’ve put up a thorough guide below explaining How to Utilize iOS 17’s StandBy Mode on an iPhone.

What is iOS 17’s StandBy Mode?

With iOS 17, a new feature called StandBy mode makes your iPhone an always-on smart display. Your iPhone will show your widgets or helpful information, like the time, date, weather, calendar, images, music, and more, when it is in standby mode.

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Among other things, StandBy mode allows you to operate HomeKit-enabled devices, call Siri and get rich visual results that you can view from a distance, and receive real-time updates from your favourite applications with Live Activities.

How to Utilize iOS 17’s StandBy Mode

In iOS 17, StandBy mode is on by default and becomes visible when you connect your iPhone to the power source and hold it at an angle in landscape mode. Here’s how to activate it on your iPhone, though, if you mistakenly turned it off.

Switch iOS 17’s StandBy Mode on

  • Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone → Select StandBy.
  • Turn on StandBy.
    • To reduce eye strain, you may also activate Night Mode in the same interface, which displays red text in less-lit areas.
    • On the other hand, you must touch Night Mode → toggle on Night Mode to activate it on an iPhone 14 Pro or later.

How to Utilize iOS 17's StandBy Mode on an iPhone

How iOS 17’s Standby Functions

  • Make sure your iPhone is powered on by using a Lightning or MagSafe cable.
  • Lay your iPhone down on a flat surface in landscape mode.

How to Utilize iOS 17's StandBy Mode on an iPhone

Note: You may only try this feature after turning on the iOS 17 developer beta as of the time this post was published.

How to Alter the iPhone’s StandBy Mode UI

Swiping horizontally will let you switch between widget, gallery, and clock view when in StandBy mode. Not only that, but you have a plethora of choices to personalize the interface to your taste, including watch faces, widgets, and gallery images.

Here’s how to use your iPhone to accomplish this. Make sure your lock screen is unlocked first, though.

  • To add a new widget or rearrange them in Smart Stacks, tap and hold any widget in the widget view.‍
    • To delete a widget, tap the minus symbol in the top left corner of the widget.
    • You may also select and add a new widget by tapping the + symbol in the top left corner of the screen.
    • To verify your modifications, tap Done in the upper right corner.

How to Utilize iOS 17's StandBy Mode on an iPhone

  • To access the gallery view, swipe left. You can now select which photographs can show in StandBy mode by tapping and holding anywhere on the screen to bring up a menu.

    • Now, to add pictures, hit the + symbol. You may take them out later by tapping the minus symbol.

How to Utilize iOS 17's StandBy Mode on an iPhone

  1. Finally, to choose between clock styles and access a menu, press and hold anywhere on the screen when in clock view.

Extra Functions For Standby on the iPhone 14 Pro or Later

In contrast to previous generations, the iPhone 14 Pro and later variants come with two more standby modes: Always On and Motion To Wake.

  • Go to SettingsStandBy → Toggle on StandBy and Always on to activate Always On.

How to Utilize iOS 17's StandBy Mode on an iPhone

  • Toggle on Motion To Wake and Night Mode after going to StandbyNight Mode. If you enable them, when the iPhone senses movement at night, the display will wake up.
How to Utilize iOS 17's StandBy Mode on an iPhone


  • In StandBy mode, how can I access the music player?

You may access the music player in StandBy mode when background music is playing by tapping the waveform on the Music widget or the “..” button in the top center.

  • Which iPhone models have standby functionality?

All iPhone devices that support iOS 17 have access to standby mode. Unfortunately, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are the only devices that can utilize always-on StandBy mode. On an earlier iPhone, you may enter StandBy by tapping the screen.

Concluding the…

By following the steps listed in this guide, you should easily be able to use StandBy mode on your iPhone to keep up with the latest information, even when you’re not actively using it. If you found this guide helpful, remember to drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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