How to Use an iMessage Games on iphone in 2023

iMessage gives you everything you need. You can play interactive, fun games to relax or compete with your friends. With iMessage, you can not only send text messages but also play duelling games in the app. Let me show you the iMessage game on your iPhone. (How to Use an iMessage Games on iphone in 2023?)

How to Play Games in iMessage on iPhone?

For a seamless iMessage experience, you must have a strong internet connection. You and your friend must both download the exact same iMessage Games on iphone to begin playing.

  • Start iMessage. Open an existing conversation or create a new conversation in iMessage.
  • Tap on the plus (+) icon to select More.

How to Use an iPhone to Play iMessage Games in 2023

  • Click on Download next to your favourite game.
  • I’ve downloaded GamePigeon.
  • Select Open after the download is complete.
  • Tap the Plus icon to access the GamePegion app.
  • Select the game that best suits your mood.
  • Chess is the game I chose.

How to Use an iPhone to Play iMessage Games in 2023

  • The games that you choose will then be displayed in the chat.
  • Add a message if you desire. Hit Send.
  • Click the Play button hovering above the game.
  • Do not engage in battle until your opponent joins.

How to Use an iPhone to Play iMessage Games in 2023

  • After making your move, follow the rules of the game.
  • As a text message, the recipient receives a URL that allows them to download this game on their mobile phone. You can play the game as soon as they have installed it.
  • When the recipient moves, you will receive a notice. Tap on the game and make your move.
  • You can play another game if you want by selecting Play again.
  • Close the application if you want to. Your results will appear in the chat.

How to Use an iPhone to Play iMessage Games in 2023

That’s all! You can now play two games simultaneously in iMessage. You can play 20 Questions, Gomoku, and other multiplayer games. This app allows you to save space by not downloading separate games.


Q1: Can I play iMessage games with Android users?

No, iMessage games are exclusive to iOS devices. So, you can only play them with friends who also have iPhones, iPads, or Macs. The non-Apple users can’t play iMessage games.

Q2: Which iOS/iPhone has iMessage games?

iMessage games were introduced in iOS 11, making them playable on any iPhone running the same or later versions.

Q3: What is GamePigeon in iMessage?

GamePigeon is an add-on for iMessage that lets you play online games with your friends right in the chat.

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You can now enjoy exciting games right within your iPhone’s messaging app. Whether you’re looking for a brainteaser or a showdown with your friends, iMessage offers endless entertainment. Challenge your friends to a game, meet new gamers, and enjoy these virtual worlds.

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