How to {Use an iPhone to Make a Slideshow With Music} 2024

How To Use an iPhone to Make a Slideshow With Music? Can you put your shots together with great music from your iPhones or not? Let’s consider some ways in which you can create a mesmerizing mix of your favourite memories and catchy music. I’m going to tell you how to make a slideshow with music on iPhone.

How to Use an iPhone to Make a Slideshow with Music

Slideshow With Music

  • In this case, your iPhone will play a slide show.

The video we created above will already contain the music and theme. However, you can change the theme and put your favourite song in it. Let’s find out!

How to Change an iPhone Video with Music

  • Tap the slideshow and then tap the gear icon in the bottom right corner.
  • You can change the following settings here:
    • Theme: Pick a style for the video.
    • Music: Pick songs that you like for the background. The Songs Library lets you choose even more of your favourite songs.
    • Repeat: Turn this function on to play the slideshow over and over again.
    • Change how fast the slideshow plays.
  • After making the changes you want, click “Done.”
  • To see the slideshow with the changes, press the play button.
  • To end the video, click “Done.”

Slideshow With MusicYou can also AirPlay the slideshow or mirror your iPhone to an Android TV to watch it.

After making a free picture slideshow with music on your iPhone, you probably want to save it or share it with other people, right?

How to keep an iPhone Slideshow

However, videos taken on iPhones with the Photos app can’t be shared or saved, which is a shame. Don’t give up just yet though. I have another trick up my sleeve. A slideshow with music is a great way to use your iPhone to make a movie. Read the next section to know more.

How to Make a Slideshow on an iPhone Using iMovie

  • Get iMovie and open it on your iPhone.
  • From the menu that says “Start New Project,” choose “Magic Movie.”
    If you cannot locate this option, swipe up the Start New Project interface.
  • Pick out the shots that you want to use in the show.
  • Press “Create Magic Movie” once you’ve chosen.

Slideshow With Music

  • You will now see a movie clip of the pictures you chose. Press the play button.
  • To watch the slideshow in landscape view, click the “enlarge” button.

Slideshow With Music

  • To add pictures to the slideshow, click the “Add” button.
  • Here, you can select any one of the following:
    • Take Video or Photo: Take photos or videos in real time
    • Select from the Library: Pick an image or movie that’s already there.
    • Add Clip with Title: Choose a template that already exists and has a few Project choices.

Slideshow With Music

  • Edit the movie picture slideshow by tapping “Edit”:
    • Pick a style and add any songs you want.
    • Press “Done” when you’re ready to go.

How to Use an iPhone to Make a Slideshow With Music

  • Last, click the share icon and pick “Save Video.”

Slideshow With Music

  • That’s it. As soon as you finish these steps, the next slideshow will be in the folder you picked. Also, you can share the slideshow right from iMovie through any app or means.


  • How do I let other people see my finished slideshow?

The Photos app doesn’t let you share the slideshow directly, which is a shame. You can only connect your phone to AirPlay and play picture slideshows with music on them.

  • Can I use the Photos app to save the slideshow as a video file?

The Photos app doesn’t have a straight way to export as a video file, but you can record your screen to make a video of the slideshow. Don’t forget to turn off notifications so that the video goes smoothly.

Sweet memories with tunes!

There you have it—a symphony of moments skillfully stitched into a stunning slideshow with the power of music, all made on your trusty iPhone. You can also use your Mac to make a slideshow that turns ordinary scenes into a beautiful work of art.

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