How to Uninstall Steam on a Mac 2024? [2 Simple Methods]

This guide will show you how to remove Steam from your Mac.

The guide offers two methods for doing so. Depending on your requirements, you may find that one is better than the other.

How to Uninstall Steam? We recommend Method 1 if you want to temporarily uninstall Steam and keep all your downloaded files and locally stored files. Manual uninstallation allows you to choose which files to keep and which to delete. You’ll be told which files to keep. Method 2 will be more suitable if you want a one-click, faster solution. App cleaner and uninstaller are used here.

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What is Steam app?

Steam app is a gaming platform that allows users to download and upload computer games. The user can access his or her own games from any computer that has a good internet connection. It is also convenient because only the games that you wish to play are downloaded, thereby saving hard drive space. How to Uninstall Steam on a Mac?

1. Uninstalling Steam Manually

1. Navigate to Applications in a new window of the Finder.

2. Scroll down to find Steam.

3. Click on Steam and choose Move to Trash.

4. You can also drag and drop steam into the trash.

5. Click on Go in the top menu bar to locate the library folder.

6. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard if, as in our case, you cannot see the Library Folder. Select the Library folder once it appears.

7. Navigate to Library > Application Support and Steam.

8. You can uninstall Steam on your Macbook or Mac, depending on the reason for doing so:

You can delete the Steam folder, but you will lose your downloaded games and files.

9. Click on the Trash icon in the Dock, and then select Empty Trash. This is the only way to free up disc space.

2. App Cleaner and Uninstaller

Nektony’s App Cleaner and Uninstaller is one of my favourite applications on my Macbook.

This app not only allows me to uninstall an application from my Mac but also displays all files related to that application. This way, I can remove unwanted applications without leaving any files behind.

1. Double-click App Cleaner and uninstaller in your Applications folder if you have already downloaded and installed.

2. The application will scan your computer after it has been opened. Scroll down to the left pane and click Steam.

3. The right-hand pane will display all relevant files on your Mac. To select all files, click the top box.

4. Click Remove at the bottom-right corner to delete the files.

5. You can now review the files you wish to delete and confirm your decision. Click Remove at the bottom-right.

6. The confirmation window shows a list of files successfully removed. Click the Close button at the bottom-right.

How to Uninstall Steam on a Mac 2024?

7. The files that you cannot remove will appear in the right pane if you use the App Cleaner and Uninstaller free versions. These files will have been deleted if you own the Pro version. The last step of this guide can be skipped.

8. When you hover your mouse over the remaining files, an arrow icon will appear on their right. This icon will take you to the file.

9. The file is opened in Finder automatically and selected. Move the file to Trash by right-clicking on it.

10. The other two files are automatically removed after removing the Steam application file. Now the uninstallation is complete. Click on Trash, then select Empty Trash.


This guide should have helped you remove Steam from your Mac. Please leave a comment below if you have further questions or ideas.

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