How to Get (Back an Apple ID That Has Been Blocked) 2024

You won’t be able to use any Apple services if Apple decides to disable your Apple ID. You’ll see one of the following messages.

  • This Apple ID has been turned off for safety reasons.
  • Your account was locked for safety reasons, so you can’t sign in.
  • Apple has disabled access to this Apple ID for your protection.
  • Your Apple Music and App Store accounts have been shut down.
  • Your account has been locked, so you can’t log in.

Causes of Apple ID Suspension or Cancellation

  • Incorrect password entry: Repeatedly entering the wrong Apple ID password or giving the wrong answers to your security questions can lead to account disabling for security purposes.
  • Security concerns: Apple prioritizes user security, and any suspicious activity or potential breach can result in your account being disabled to safeguard personal data.
  • Payment problems: Unpaid bills or payment issues linked to your Apple ID may lead to account disablement until resolved.
  • Terms of service violation: Sharing inappropriate content or engaging in fraudulent activities can cause Apple to disable your ID.
  • Verification process failure: Failing the two-factor authentication can temporarily disable your account.
  • Unauthorized app use: Using unapproved apps or violating Apple’s guidelines may result in account disablement.
  • Phishing threats: Falling for phishing attacks can compromise account security, prompting Apple to disable the account to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Device glitches: Device-related problems like malfunctioning iOS or hardware issues can trigger Apple ID unavailability.

How to Activate a Locked Apple ID

Getting back into using an inactive Apple ID is easy. Just do what it says below.

Method 1: Reset Your Password to Unlock Your Apple Account

  • Open a web browser you like.
  • Go to → Choose Reset Password.

How to Get Back an Apple ID That Has Been Blocked

  • Type your Apple ID → Complete the captcha → Click Continue.

How to Get Back an Apple ID That Has Been Blocked

  • Put in your phone number → Press Continue.

How to Get Back an Apple ID That Has Been Blocked

  • Click Send Code.

How to Get Back an Apple ID That Has Been Blocked

How to Get Back an Apple ID That Has Been Blocked

  • Make a new password → Press Continue.

How to Get Back an Apple ID That Has Been Blocked

Great job! You have reset your Apple account password and fixed your disabled Apple ID. Now, you may try to access your Apple ID on your iPhone or Mac. However, if this solution doesn’t work, look at other methods to reset your Apple ID passwords.

Method 2: Contact Apple Support

Your App Store account may be disabled or locked and may require resolution with Apple. They offer prompt answers to this problem.

Furthermore, contacting Apple Support is your last resort if you are unable to use any Apple services despite your best efforts. Whether the issue was caused by user error or an Apple defect, their specialists can help.

How to Make Sure Your Apple ID Doesn’t Get Locked Again

  • Keep your Apple ID email private: Avoid sharing your Apple ID email to prevent unauthorized attempts at accessing your account.
  • Only use official Apple channels to log in: Be cautious of fake prompts, phishing emails, or imitation websites posing as Apple. Only log in to your Apple ID through trusted Apple sources.
  • Create a strong Apple ID password: Enhance your Apple ID’s security by using a robust password that minimizes the chances of unauthorized access and tampering with your settings.
  • Enable two-factor authentication: Apple now mandates two-factor authentication for new Apple ID accounts. If you’re reactivating an old account, set up this extra layer of security to further protect your account.
  • Remove unnecessary devices: If you have multiple devices logged in with your Apple ID, it may flag security concerns. So, remove devices that you no longer use from your Apple ID.
  • Avoid Jailbreaking: Jailbreaking your iOS device can weaken its security, making it more vulnerable to breaches. So, never perform jailbreaking to maintain your device’s security integrity.


  • Can I use my Recovery Key to get back into my Apple ID?

You can use your Recovery Key to recover access to your Apple ID if you have enabled two-factor authentication but have lost access to your trusted devices or phone number.

  • Can an Apple ID that has been removed be restored?

Your Apple ID will be permanently removed from Apple’s systems after deletion. A new Apple ID with the same email address may be required.

  • Can I use a separate Apple device to start the Apple ID recovery process?

Yes, you can begin the restoration process from any online-enabled gadget. Note, however, that you may need your trusted device or phone number handy for verification purposes during the recovery process.

All done!

If you type an incorrect password into your Apple ID too many times, you will be locked out of your account for your own security. The three solutions, however, should have allowed you to access your Apple ID once more. Leave a comment if you have any further suggestions.

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