GarageSale Version 9.6 For Mac (Latest 2024)

GarageSale overview

GarageSale allows you to easily create, launch, and monitor your listings. Manage your inventory and sales. Use the most advanced eBay seller tools for Mac to simplify your eBay life. (Dashcam Viewer For Mac)

Listing Creator

GarageSale is a tool that helps you create attractive eBay listings quickly and easily. GarageSale provides all the necessary eBay options, both for private sellers and business sellers. You can also edit and style images and item descriptions. GarageSale keeps you updated about eBay errors and traps. eBay listing is now fun!


GarageSale keeps track of the status of your orders and listings. It displays all the information you need to know about your listing. This includes current bids, watchers, and sold items, as well as listing fees. You’ll receive a notification when a listing is complete. This will include the buyer’s address, name, and other transaction details. Order status is synced to eBay.


Synching is a useful feature if you use GarageSale across multiple Macs. When enabled, your GarageSale data will be synced between all your Macs. For more information, please refer to the Chapter on Synching.

Compatible Parts

You can specify a compatible vehicle list when listing parts on eBay USA Motors. eBay Germany, eBay Australia, and eBay UK. Check that the category you have selected allows part compatibility.

CSV Importation for Listings and Inventory

GarageSale imports listings from files in any CSV format. You can specify which column in the CSV file corresponds to what listing field or inventory field in GarageSale. GarageSale can update existing listings based on SKU data from your CSV file instead of importing.


GarageSale’s Orders section keeps track of all incoming orders. The Orders section shows you information on the status of the order, the items purchased, and all the buyer details you need to complete the order and ship your products. You can contact your buyers if necessary by sending them an eBay message. Upload the tracking ID from GarageSale to eBay once the item has been shipped, and leave feedback directly on eBay.

Packing slips and invoices

Print packing slips to add to your shipment or to find ordered items within your warehouse. Have you got a label printer at home? Print the buyer’s name and address on the label template (29mm). HTML is a great way to create your own labels. Send the data from your order to GrandTotal’s invoice application.

Revise, Relist, and Auto-Restart

GarageSale allows you to easily modify an existing listing. Listings that are finished but have not received any bids or did not sell can be relisted (depending on eBay). Relisting Policy) GarageSale also gives you the option to choose which listing attributes are updated. You can retain your current sales score and your previous scores for items that have a fixed price. Best Match Search results on eBay are sorted by rank.

When your item sells out, the automatic restart feature creates new listings. Re-listing will carry over the search ranking of the ended listing to the new listing. GarageSale uses this feature to manage inventory. If you do not have enough inventory, GarageSale won’t start your listing.

Open the “More,” “Listing,” or “Toolbar” buttons in GarageSale.

And More…

GarageSale Version 9.6 For Mac

What’s new in version 9.6 For Mac

  • You can now add links to other listings in your description using the new ‘Insert link to listing…” command.
  • Displays eBay avatars for seller accounts
  • When using calculated shipping, the zip code in your listing’s location setting (‘Advanced tab’ of the Inspector) will now be used to calculate shipping rates.
  • eBay Germany now offers a better preview of the eBay fee.
  • Updated preview to better match eBay’s recent website changes
  • Package details can be used to open the location settings.
  • You can open the Location and Package Settings in Preview.
  • Fix for the ‘Bold button’ in Preview mode’s formatting toolsbar
  • Listings now have a new smart group rule: ‘Days Since Start.’
  • In the Orders section, a new smart group rule ‘Days Since Order Receipt’ has been added.
  • Smart groups can be duplicated.
  • Order smart groups now have a sorting option based on ‘Order date’.
  • Smart groups now have a sorting option based on ‘Start Time.’
  • Add a warning to the delete smart group dialogue box to prevent accidental deletion.
  • Add startDate” to the list of JavaScript commands.
  • The JavaScript editor now supports Dark Mode.
  • The JavaScript command list now includes ‘views and watchers’.
  • The first image in the listing overview mode is replaced by an image from eBay’s gallery.
  • When multiple smart groups are selected, the “Delete Smart Groups command” title is incorrect.
  • Dark Mode now has a better checkmark image in Lauch Control.
  • Fixes the recognition of changed message-to-Ebay GarageSale reply links
  • Missing images can be imported from eBay using the ‘Apply Current Changes’ command.
  • The maximum length of a feedback comment has been increased to 500 characters.



App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • Apple Silicon
  • OS X 10.12 or later

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