Cookie Mac [Version 7.2.4] 2024 Latest

Cookie Mac Overview

What is Cookie Mac? Cookies protect you from third-party hijacking of your browsing experience. Sites you visit can store “cookies,” without your consent or knowledge, in your browser. Some cookies are useful, while others can be frustrating and intrusive. Cookie can help.

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Cookie Mac Setup


  • All your privacy settings in browsers can be consolidated.
  • The simplified view takes care of the technical details.
  • Advanced View gives you total control over your privacy settings.
  • The combined cookie view displays all cookie, flash, and local storage data in one easy-to-manage view.
  • Cookies can be favorited per cookie or domain. You decide
  • Individual browser settings. You can configure different automatic removal options per browser. In the case of Chrome, Canary, and Brave, you can even configure settings per user!
  • You can remove cookies at different times: when you quit a browser, after logging in, upon waking the computer from sleep, according to a custom-made schedule, or manually.
  • Support for hotkeys so that you can quickly remove unwanted data
  • Customisable tracking cookie definitions
  • Tracking cookies whitelist
  • Clean, modern, and intuitive user interface
  • Setup window with helpful instructions
  • Browser extension protection
  • Full-screen support
  • iCloud support
  • Dark/Regular theme
Cookie Mac [Version 7.2.4] 2024 Latest


How to Enable Cookie on Mac?

  • Safari is the default browser for Macs.
  • Select Safari from the menu on the left-hand side and click Preferences.
  • Click on the privacy tab.
  • Uncheck the block all cookies box.

How to Change Cookie Settings on Mac?

  • Select “Prevent cross-site tracking” to prevent trackers from using your cookies and website data.

Cookies and website data will be deleted if you do not visit or interact with tracker websites.

  • Block all cookies by default. Select “Block all cookies.”

Cookies and other data can’t be stored on your Mac by websites, advertisers, or third parties. Some websites may not function properly.

  • Always allow cookies. Select “Block all cookies.”

Cookies and other data can be stored on your Mac by websites, advertisers, third parties, and others.

  • To delete cookies and data stored on websites: Click Manage Website Data. Select one or more sites, then click Remove or remove all.

You may be logged out of a website or have the behaviour of the website changed if you remove your data.

What’s new in (version 7.2.4) For Mac

iCloud sync has been improved.
In settings, a new button has been added to delete all data from iCloud.


LicenseApp Requirements
Size: 4.85 MB
Developer’s website:
Intel 64
Apple Silicon
macOS 12 or later
Safari, Safari Technology Preview, Chrome, Chrome Dev, Chrome Beta, Chrome Canary, Firefox, Firefox Nightly, Firefox Developer Edition, Chromium, WaterFox, Opera, Opera Beta, Brave, Brave Beta, Brave Nightly, Edge, Edge Dev, Edge Beta, Edge Nightly, Arc, Vivaldi and Mullvad
Protect your online privacy.

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