Civilization VI Mac Version 1.3.13 + APK Mod Latest 2024

Civilization VI Mac Overview

Civilization VI Mac has won numerous awards. Build a civilization to last the test of history by expanding your empire, advancing your culture, and competing against the greatest leaders in history.

Start with 20 historical leaders.

Veterans can now build and tune their civilizations to maximise their chances of success. New tutorial systems help new players understand the fundamental concepts.

Expansion with Rise and Fall

In Rise and Fall, a civilization that is led well can enter a golden age of prosperity, while a civilization that falls behind may be ushered into a dark age. If you can overcome the challenges of a dark age and bring your civilization back to life, it will be a heroic age.

Prepare for the approaching storm.

Your choices in the Gathering Storm extension will impact the world’s ecosystem and the future of our planet. Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and volcanoes may destroy or pillage your improvements and districts. However, they can also enrich and refresh the land afterward.

Try new civilizations and scenarios.

The six Civilization and Scenario packs will expand your Civilization VI worldview with new challenges, leaders, and countries from Australia, Macedonia, Nubia, and Poland.

What’s new in version 1.3.13 For Mac

Version 1.3.13:

  • Fixes a crash that occurred in multiplayer.
Civilization VI Mac Overview


Size: 13.4 GB
Developer’s website:
App requirements
Intel 64
MacOS 10.12.6 or later
Next iteration of the legendary strategy game.

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