Birdfont Mac Version 6.0.6 Download Latest 2024

BirdFont Overview

BirdFont allows you to create vector graphics, export TTF and EOT fonts, and import SVG fonts.

Note: Although this is a free application, donations of $10 USD and more to the Developer page will allow you to access the commercial version, BirdFont. This allows you to create your own fonts.

How to Use Birdfont

  • Draw some letters, then create a digital version of your drawing.
  • Create a font and choose the first glyph from the Overview tab.
  • Insert the background picture.
  • Scale background image
  • You can move the background image.
  • Place the x-height bearing, baseline bearing, and side bearings in their respective positions.
  • Click the right mouse button and select the pen to add control points.
  • Hide the background images.
  • Select all the nodes between the corner nodes while holding down Shift.
  • Tie handles to the control points you want to use for smooth curves.
  • Align the paths to the background image.
  • Create a counter-path.
  • Click on the result to see it. (Ctrl+P)
How to Use Birdfont

What’s new in version 6.0.6 For Mac

  • This listing has been updated without release notes.

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LicenseApp Requirements
Size: 60.7 MB
Developer’s website:
Intel 64
Apple Silicon
macOS 14.0 or later
Font editor.

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