BackUp Maker 8.300 For PC Latest Version Download 2024

BackUp Maker Overview

ASCOMP Backup Maker allows Windows PC users of any age and level of technical expertise to create automated backups of their files. It has military-grade AES encryption and ZIP compression that saves space. Users can transfer documents automatically or manually to any supported storage device. The integrated FTP/FTPS service allows users to securely add files to the backup.

BackUp Maker for PC provides a flexible set of tools to automate backups in full or in part and many other tools that make this app valuable for both home and office users. All of the features are available for free to all non-commercial users, so they can take full control of their backup and restoration procedures.

Opera For PC 64 Bit


  • Automated Backups: Create automatic backups of important files or folders with ZIP compression and optional AES encryption.
  • Verification of Backup: Always verify that the backups are correct and complete.
  • Schedule Backup: Schedule backups for automatic execution at specified intervals (login, daily, or monthly) or specific events (USB detection).
  • Backup Types: Transfer data into a secure location using full, differential, or partial backups. A large number of customisation options are available for each backup.
  • Backup filters: filter files by extension or file type to make it easier to transfer or retrieve them.
  • Backup Destinations: Store important personal or business information on local storage, FTP servers, CD/DVD burners, IntelliVault accounts, and many other options.
  • Versatile Services: app startup parameters, automated email backup reports, before/after backup actions customisable, and more.

Key Functions

PkZip 4.5
Support for archives bigger than 4 GB

Password Protection
Protect backups using passwords (PkZip 2.0).

Strong encryption
Backups can be encrypted with AES-256-bit

Backup to USB drives or sticks
Support for USB drives (internal and external).

Backup to cloud storage
Backup to Cloud Storage (e.g., Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox)

Network Support
Files can be saved on local area networks.

Burning CD/DVD
Burn backups to CD or DVD without external drivers.

Supported DVD formats
DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R Dual Layer, DVD-RAM, Blu-Ray

Backup using WebDAV
Backup using WebDAV is possible, e.g., cloud storage (Magenta Cloud, for example).

FTP Upload
FTP is a way to upload files to internet servers.

Passive FTP mode
Upload in passive mode. PASV

(FTP over SSL)
Support for FTPS

FTP Resume
Resuming cancelled backup uploads

Scanned backups
Split backups into several files (disc-spanning)

Full back
Back up all selected files and folders.

Partial Backup
Backup of files that have changed since the last full or partial backup

Back up changed files
Selectable interval for backup of files

Combination of execution
Combining full backups with partial backups

Archive Bit Backup
Archive files only with the archive bit set to true or delete archive bits.

Back generations
Creation of several backup generations or instances

BackUp Maker 8.300 For PC Latest Version Download 2024

What’s New

  • App updates in the past have added new features, such as:
  • New icons and a revised UI.
  • Backup Wizard for network drives connected
  • Encrypt the ZIP file structure.
  • New filters (Recycle Bin, Tempo Folder, Virtual Memory)
  • Support for SFTP is available.
  • Various Windows 11 optimisations.


  • Backups can be automated or manual.
  • Use of ZIP compression automatically
  • Reliable AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Backup verification.
  • Setup backups with ease using the wizard tools.
  • UI Streamlined.
  • Updated regularly with new features and improvements.
  • It is fully featured in the free version.


  • Available only for Windows

What’s New In Version 8.300 For PC

  • SFTP Support
  • Open the destination folder in Explorer.
  • Windows 10/11 Optimisations


Latest Version: BackUp Maker 8.300
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Author / Product: ASCOMP Software GmbH
BackUp Maker by ASCOMP is a highly configurable and easy-to-use utility that allows you to back up your personal files and business files. It has a number of advanced features, including backup verification and scheduling. Filters are also supported, as are file transfers (to secure cloud servers and FTP servers).

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