Affinity Publisher For Mac (Version 2.4) Download 2024

Affinity Publisher For Mac Overview

Affinity Publisher For Mac offers an amazing design experience. It has all the tools you need to create beautiful layouts for publishing, whether you’re working on a magazine, book, marketing material, social media template, or anything else. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with other Affinity applications is revolutionising how creatives work.

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Affinity Publisher Mac Download

New features and refinements to the original design

  • Redesigned UI, button, tool, and tool icon designs
  • The Layers Panel has been completely redesigned.
  • Book creation and management: combine multiple Affinity Publisher documents as chapters with linked text styles and tables of contents.
  • The New Notes panel allows you to add footnotes, endnotes, and sidenotes.
  • Style Picker Tool
  • Quick grid
  • Multi-page PDFs and images can be auto-flowed.
  • Placed linked files (PDF, DWG, DXF/Affinity files) can have their layer visibility changed.
  • Import, place, and edit AutoCAD DWG/DXF
  • Use the URLs to link images to your website.
  • Resave Packages with Auto-Update of Resources
  • Resize an object by changing the stroke size, filling, and effect.

Professional layout tools

  • Facing page spreads
  • Live master pages, including nested master pages
  • Image frames with intelligent scaling options
  • Snapping, grids, and advanced guides
  • Tables and custom table formats
  • Fine padding allows you to wrap text around images or objects.
  • Text frames can be made in any shape.
  • Text frames can be linked together in your document.
  • Text column dividing lines

Advanced Typography

  • You can choose between a variety of character styles and paragraph styles.
  • Comprehensive OpenType support
  • Text decoration, initial letters, and drop caps
  • Text can be positioned anywhere along a path.
  • Hyphenation and advanced flow options
  • Text frame and baseline grid rulers

The Perfect Images and Graphics

  • You can embed images or links in your documents.
  • Place PSD, AI, or PDF files, as well as JPG, TIFF, PNG, DWG, and Affinity files.
  • Non-destructive adjustment layers: correct and enhance images
  • Pen and node tools with precision engineering for vectorizing curves and shapes
  • Boolean operations for adding, subtracting, combining, and dividing shapes
  • Transparency and gradient control with incredible smoothness
  • All effects, blend modes, and image adjustments are available for live preview.

Build for your workflow.

  • Fully optimised for Mac OS X 10.7 and the latest Mac hardware, including M1 processors
  • IDML and XLSX Import
  • Section Manager to organize your documents
  • Scroll, pan, and zoom through documents at 60 fps.
  • Regular Expressions: Search and Replace
  • Savable: Rewrite history with alternative futures.
  • Studio layout presets are included in the studio layout.
  • Smart master pages
  • Create indexes automatically and a table of contents.
  • Create and manage anchors.
  • Consolidate links to images from multiple locations into one folder.
  • Merge several documents into one file.
  • Save documents as templates to reuse them again and again.
  • Use the Package feature to collect your document, along with all fonts and images used in it, into one folder.
  • Converting a pixel layer into an image node
  • Merge external data sources to integrate text and images into documents.
  • PDF Passthrough

Professional output

  • End-to-end CMYK (CMYK), PANTONE (c), and spot colour
  • Registration, cropping, and bleeding
  • Live preflight checking
  • Professional print output using PDF/X-1a (PDF/X-3), PDF/X-4 (PDF/X-4), and PDF/X-4 (PDF/X-4).

Integration with other affinity apps

  • StudioLink allows you to instantly switch between Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Photo without ever leaving Affinity Publisher.
  • The most fluid and flexible workflow in a suite of creative applications
Affinity Publisher For Mac (Version 2.4) Download 2024 Latest

What’s new in version 2.4 For Mac

  • The new States Panel for Layer States allows you to create queries on the basis of various criteria, make a selection, or toggle visibility.
  • Choose the default selection box in the “cycle selection box” choices.
  • When using the Node Tool, double-click on an object to switch to the Move Tool.
  • The ability to lock targets ‘Behind, Inside, and On Top’
  • The spacebar moderator allows you to toggle the ‘Lock Children” behaviour on or off when moving an object.
  • Space Horizontal and Space Vertical will now treat a key selection differently if a key item is selected.
  • Alignment Options now includes three new options to align all objects in the current selection to the same size, height, or rotation.
  • Support for 32-bit HDR images has been added.
  • More improvements and bug fixes


LicenseApp Requirements
Size: 818.8 MB
Developer’s website:
Intel 64
Apple Silicon
macOS 10.15 or later
Publishing software for page layout and design.

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