How to Use Your iPhone or iPad to Get the Router’s IP Address

Finding out your router’s IP address might be necessary at times, especially if you need to access and change settings. You’ll need to access the router’s settings page and know its IP address to make these changes. Thankfully, you can quickly locate your router’s IP address using your iPhone or iPad. Everything you require is provided here.

What Does An IP Address Mean?

Every internet-connected device is given a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address, which is effectively a digital address consisting of a string of digits. It operates under the Internet Protocol, a more comprehensive set of guidelines for Internet-based data transfer.

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Each internet-capable device has a unique IP address, such as computers, routers, tablets, and smartphones. Your Internet Service Provider is in charge of this assignment (ISP).

Furthermore, websites and computer networks use the IP address to identify and communicate with an iPhone, iPad, or network on the internet.

Consider an IP address as a means of locating and identifying devices on the internet. Additionally, it provides your geolocation, allowing content providers to offer material tailored to your area. For example, the Google sea[ez-toc]rch results that appear after entering a term may not be the same for someone who lives in a different country.

Your iPhone or iPad should be able to display your router’s IP address if it is linked to a Wi-Fi network created by the device.

How to Use an iPhone or iPad To Get the Router’s IP Address

  • Go to SettingsWiFi.
  • Next to the network name of your Wi-Fi, tap the Info (i) button.
  • To access the IPV4 Address area, scroll down. The IP address of your router is located next to the Router.

How to Use Your iPhone or iPad to Get the Router's IP Address


  • How can I determine whether my iPhone and router are connected?

If your iPhone appears to be linked to a Wi-Fi network, you can determine whether it is connected to a router. Navigate to Settings → WiFi on your iPhone.Your router will create a Wi-Fi network that has a blue checkmark next to it.

  • How frequently do IP addresses on routers change?

Usually, routers only modify their external IP addresses (given by the ISP) when they restart or disconnect for an extended period. More often than not, the router’s internal IP addresses are allocated to devices and typically change when the device reconnects or the router is reset.

  • Does the IP address change when the router is reset?

Occasionally, resetting a router will alter its exterior IP address—the one that the ISP assigns. But how the ISP assigns IP addresses and its policies govern this. Nevertheless, after a reset, the router will most likely reissue the internal IP addresses to all of the connected devices using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

And That’s it!

As previously said, you usually don’t need to know your router’s IP address, but if you ever need to access the router’s settings, it might be helpful to know how to obtain it from your iPhone. This might be used for things like modifying other network setups or altering your Wi-Fi password.

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