Review of Benks iPhone 14 Series Cases: Robust and Understated

Benks ArmorPro and ArmorAir cases are wonderful partners for your iPhone 14, 14 Pro, or 14 Pro Max. Made from premium Kevlar fiber, the goods provide your priceless smartphone with unwavering protection and style.


  • Constructed with 600D DuPont Kevlar fiber.
  • Robust and lightweight.
  • MagSafe support for convenient internet access.


  • It might be challenging to clip on and off the case.

Apple added the attractively designed and functionally useful iPhone 14 series to its range of smartphones. Of course, there is a cost associated with the iPhones. Thus, if you have already made this investment or want to do so soon, you should consider protecting with a reputable and reliable case. I’d like to introduce you to the MagClap ArmorPro and MagClap ArmorAir iPhone 14 series covers from Benks.

Made of high-quality Kevlar fiber, these two iPhone 14 covers provide your cherished smartphone with the best protection possible without compromising design or beauty. Their robust design shields your phone against knocks, drops, and unplanned falls. Excellent protection paired with a minimalist design.

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However, there are several iPhone 14 Pro cases on the market with comparable functionality. What, therefore, justifies the purchase of Benks MagClap ArmorPro and MagClap ArmorAir? I have examined each of the options separately to assist in addressing your query. Now let’s get going.

Opening: An Upscale Impression

First impressions don’t always last. Benks strongly adheres to the proverb and makes an effort to reflect it in its goods. Fortunately, when I opened the Benks iPhone 14 Pro cases—MagClap ArmorPro and MagClap ArmorAir—I was able to witness firsthand the company’s genuine commitment to providing high-quality products.

Review of Benks iPhone 14 Series Cases: Robust and Understated

The two Benks iPhone 14 cases arrived in a sturdy, rectangular cardboard package that prevented any damage during transportation. My view of the cases within the cardboard box was hazy due to the clear cover on top of it. After I took off the lid, I got to know MagClap ArmorPro and MagClap ArmorAir, the main topic of our conversation.

The cases were positioned inside over a mock iPhone cutout. Even though it may seem insignificant, something did catch my notice. This was only due to the extra security the cutout provided for my luggage.

The packaging for Benks ArmorPro and ArmorAir cases is simple, neat, and robust. For me, it was a perfect 10/10 packing bargain.

Design and Construction Quality

Benks is proud to provide goods with cutting-edge designs and the highest caliber possible. One excellent illustration of this is the Armour series, which I have discussed in this piece.

Benks ArmorPro MagClap Case

Review of Benks iPhone 14 Series Cases: Robust and Understated

Since iPhones are expensive, you won’t want to jeopardize their security. Benks MagClap ArmorPro case allows you to eliminate all of these worries. The 600D DuPont Kevlar fiber, which is used in aerospace applications, provides your iPhone 14 with unmatched protection without gaining weight. Yes, this is a crucial feature for a smartphone case.

This case fully encases your iPhone 14 in safety, embodying military-grade standards. Furthermore, the flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) frame provides excellent elasticity and stain resistance against slick oil stains. High elasticity makes it easy to put on and take off the cover.

Furthermore, ArmorPro is designed to offer three times the amount of protection that is advised for military use. If someone in a busy street stomps on your dropped iPhone 14, you don’t have to cry uncontrollably.

Review of Benks iPhone 14 Series Cases: Robust and Understated

With the case’s smooth outside offering a firm grip, you may hold your iPhone 14 Pro any way you like. Your smartphone is enveloped in the perfect curves of the cover like a second skin. Its lightweight body design will not feel heavy on your hands no matter how long you hold it.

Moreover, ArmorPro is adorned with a smooth, soft lip that spans the front of the case, providing your iPhone 14 Pro screen with additional protection. The flexible lip facilitates quick addition and removal of the cover.

Every smartphone’s primary component is its camera. Even with all the safety precautions in place, scratches can still happen to camera lenses. The back camera cutout of the Benks MagClap ArmorPro case, however, is surrounded by raised lips. Placing the smartphone on flat surfaces is likely to cause scratches to the tri-camera cluster, which is protected from these scratches by the raised bezel.

Benks ArmorAir MagClap Case

MagClap ArmorPro and MagClap ArmorAir are comparable in terms of construction and design. Similar to ArmorPro, 600D DuPont Kevlar fiber is used in the construction of ArmorAir. hence providing you with an iPhone 14 Pro cover shield that is both strong and lightweight.

Review of Benks iPhone 14 Series Cases: Robust and Understated

The MagClap ArmorAir case naturally has an elevated bezel for the back camera module. In addition, the casing is completely resistant to scratches. Consequently, your iPhone 14 will always be in excellent care regardless of how or where you use it. ArmorAir is also compatible with MagSafe. With the cover on, place your iPhone 14 Pro on a MagSafe charger and unwind.

There is only one obvious distinction between the two scenarios: ArmorAir lacks accessibility buttons. Additionally, the front of the cover lacks a lip, which makes installation and removal challenging.

Features: Same, Same, But Unique

You can flex your iPhone 14 while protecting it from the daily grind with Benks MagClap ArmorAir and ArmorPro cases. Thus, if you like understated elegance, these protective coverings will win you over.

Every touch is wonderful because of the 600D DuPont Kevlar fiber’s butter-like texture. Their robust design provides unwavering protection against knocks and drops, while their lightweight bodies guarantee effortless transportation.

Review of Benks iPhone 14 Series Cases: Robust and Understated

The conveniently located buttons on the sides of ArmorPro are among its greatest features. This applies to the power and volume buttons as well. The Mute button has a notch next to it, allowing for unrestricted simple up-and-down sliding. The buttons included on smartphone cover covers are often inflexible.

As anticipated, though, Benks is unique. The buttons on the ArmorPro protective case for the iPhone 14 are incredibly responsive and fit precisely over the buttons on the phone. I tried utilizing the case’s volume button, but the outcome was the same as with the real one.

Review of Benks iPhone 14 Series Cases: Robust and Understated

Conversely, the ArmorAir case features accurate incisions for the iPhone’s power, volume, and mute buttons. Additionally, the charging connection and speaker cutouts are neatly located at the bottom of both cases. Without taking off the cover, you can effortlessly connect and disconnect the wired charger from these ports for your iPhone. Simple as pie!

Compatibility with MagSafe

One important consideration while choosing a case for my iPhone 14 Pro was charging compatibility. My quest came to an end when I discovered Benks’ MagClap ArmorAir and ArmorPro cases. I was drawn to its understated appearance and high-quality construction, but the additional MagSafe charging was the last straw.

Review of Benks iPhone 14 Series Cases: Robust and Understated

I can benefit from flawless connectivity thanks to MagSafe compatibility. I don’t even have to take off the cover when my iPhone 14 Pro battery dies—all I have to do is connect the device to a MagSafe-compatible battery pack. Neodymium magnets positioned intelligently maximize MagSafe performance, enabling convenient charging from any location at any time.

The MagSafe charging capability on Benks’ protective coverings was a welcome addition for someone like me who detests always having to clip on and off smartphone cases.

Are Benks iPhone 14 Series Covers Worth the Purchase?

Your entire personal and professional life is carried by your iPhone. You thus need more protection for anything this significant, and Benks ArmorAir and ArmorPro cases are the best options. These hardbound cases provide you unmatched security and a polished look for your iPhone while sporting a sturdy construction.

Because of its sturdy construction, your smartphone fits in properly and there are no loose ends to cause accidental drops or slides. ArmorAir and ArmorPro, while robust hard cases, don’t make your iPhone heavier. Your covered iPhone 14 Pro is convenient to transport from place to place.

Whether or not to purchase a product is solely determined by your needs and preferences. If you frequently find yourself on the verge of dropping your iPhone, the TPU construction of MagClap ArmorPro may be the answer. On the other hand, if you want a case that feels light in your hands, ArmorAir is an excellent option.

Examine your needs carefully before investing in any of the scenarios. With any luck, this review will guide you toward the best decision. Please leave your thoughts in the section below!

Review of Benks iPhone 14 Covers

For the iPhone 14 Pro, Benks ArmorPro and ArmorAir cases offer unparalleled protection. Aerospace-grade Kevlar fiber guarantees a robust structure encased in a lightweight body. This cover gives you an additional degree of comfort with its MagSafe support.

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