RetroArch For Mac and ISO Version 1.17.0 (2024 Latest)

RetroArch For Mac Overview

RetroArch For Mac has become popular for its ability to play many emulators, games, and other programs that have been custom-made and tailored-ported onto the libretro API.

It is fast, light, and portable. This designed to be fast, lightweight, and portable. It is unique in that it has many features that other emulators and dedicated games do not have. (IMazing For Mac)


  • Real-time rewinding, GGPO Netplay, and real-time rewinding
  • Serialisation support in Libretro allows for features like rollback-based netplay. You can also rewind games in real time.
  • Shaders with multiple passes (up to eight passes).
  • It was the first program to support front-end shaders. RetroArch’s shader specification is widely used by other programs that are not related to RetroArch/libretro.
  • This is one of only a few programs that can support up to 16 shader passes and up to 128 parameters. There are many shaders available that can improve the look of a video game.
  • Play Aware Shade
  • Remote sound network support
  • GUI/OSD built-in system
  • RetroArch’s appearance can be changed with just a few clicks. It can be transformed into a functional but low-resolution UI (RGUI), into a full-fledged XMB clone, and so on.
  • Impeccable Linux support
  • RetroArch is a pioneer in many ways. It was the first to support Wayland, DRM/KMS, and other graphics technologies that are not yet standard in most Linux programs. RetroArch is designed to have as little dependency as possible while still allowing for customised versions to be created with support for new APIs.

Latest Features:

  • Linux, unlike many other programs, is treated as a first-class citizen.
  • Impeccable backward compatibility
  • How many Mac programs are available that support PowerPCs and Intel Macs in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions?
  • Libretro/RetroArch continues to provide new content for platforms long after their expiration dates. See PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, Gamecube, etc. The list goes on.
  • A cross-platform game console
  • Retroarch’s goal is to create a console that does not have limitations based on platform differences and architecture. It aims to support as many platforms and architectures as possible.

RetroArch For Mac and ISO Version 1.17.0

What’s new in version 1.17.0 For Mac

  • Fix target language and missing espeak handler on Linux
  • AI: Reworked AI service: performance increase, automatic translation, and configurable subtitle placement.
  • APPLE: Fix WebDAV crashes with digest auth.
  • Apple: Cloud Sync fixes; ignore. DS_Store and resync the app in the foreground.
  • Apple: Don’t re-create default directories.
  • Apple: Display Git information correctly.
  • Audio/Sync: Better handle Hz skew adjustments for high refresh rates (BFI, swap interval)
  • AUDIO/MIXER: separate ffmpeg/mpv conditionals and audiomixer conditionals
  • Audio/WASAPI: Reworked the shared buffer operation to provide more flexibility. Fixed exclusive mode looping last buffer when entering menu
  • CONFIG/OVERRIDES: Fix saving of savefile_directory when overriding file
  • CONFIG: Force a fixed location for numbers.
  • Upgrade to Rcheevos 11.
  • Use rc_client to manage states.
  • CHEEVOS: Do not track disc changes if achievements are disabled.
  • CHEEVOS: Reinitialize the rewind buffer when you load a game with achievements.
  • CHEEVOS: Notify the user when the server cannot be reached.
  • CHEEVOS: Fix the crash when first loading the game with achievements and threaded videos.
  • EMSCRIPTEN: Increase chunk sizes for reads and writes
  • EMSCRIPTEN: Modularize JavaScript and clean the web build.
  • Prefix core with libretro_ when exporting
  • EMSCRIPTEN: Replace dashes in corenames with underscores (fix for Vital Cores)
  • ZipFS: Web player asset bundles can be used with ZipFS.
  • Change the default audio rate to 444100.
  • IOS fixes widget on IOS17
  • IOS: When errors occur, exit instead of crashing.
  • IOS: Fix the iOS Vulkan -ppsspp
  • IOS: HDR support is enabled on IOS.
  • IOS: Add an option to disable the silent mode.
  • IOS: Allow to ignore the safe area (fullscreen with notch).
  • IOS: By default, keyboard gamepad is not enabled.
  • IOS: Fix the XRGB8888 driver
  • IOS: Change the icon of an app
  • IOS: Add Have_Accessibility to iOS Builds
  • IOS/TVOS: Fix some rendering problems by creating GL context in GLES3.
  • INPUT: Fix the ghost entry when setting RETROK_UNKNOWN.
  • INPUT: Set ‘Bind Hold’ by default to zero to avoid problems caused by controllers that do not rest at null.
  • INPUT: Add an option to allow the turbo d-pad direction.
  • INPUT: Do not save mouse buttons in autoconfig.
  • Add the option to merge ‘Hotkey Enabled’ device types in the INPUT/MENU.
  • INPUT/mFI: disable secondary_joypad in order to avoid issues with controllers that are both HID and mFI.
  • INPUT/UDEV: Change event detection in udev_joypad to polling.
  • INPUT/WAYLAND: Avoid mouse dead zones by using unaccelerated pointer movement.
  • LAKKA: New menu options added for Switch (overclocking, CEC, and BT ERTM).
  • LIBRETRO: Use the environment command to find the playlist path.
  • LIBRETRO/NETPACKET: Change the environment call number to 78. (Retire 76, as it has never been used by any core.) Simplify broadcasts by removing the option to send to all but one client; use an explicit RETRO_NETPACKET_BROADCAST constant instead. Separate the explicit flushing of an incoming packet and its querying into two separate operations. Allow a core, specifying a protocol version that can be used in place of the core version for determining compatibility between players. This interface can be used to log and notify a different message when a content CR is mismatched.
  • Fix menu navigation using the analogue stick (
  • MENU: Find thumbnail images by filename of playlist (
  • MENU: Do not process menu events when input is flushed (
  • MENU: Stop proceeding to the next binding when a single binding is selected (
  • Fix false-positives on touchscreen menus when there is overlap.
  • MENU: Sort playlists by extension (Playstation 2 should be after Playstation).
  • MENU: Hide the System Volume Information Folder on All Platforms
  • MENU: Add Belarusian language option
  • MENU: Fix the savestate thumbnail behaviour when returning to a playlist while content is running.
  • MENU: Fix the word-wrapped widget size.
  • Add Help Text to Controller Drivers
  • MENU: Fix the quit on content close option.
  • MENU: Fix thumbnails for content loaded via Load Content
  • MENU: Flexible thumbnail match (ROM name, database name, and short name).
  • MENU: Remove Legacy Thumbnail Pack Downloader
  • Corrections to the MENU/GLUI icon
  • MENU/OZONE: Fixes for thumbnail-related issues (missing thumbnail bars, fullscreen flashing thumbnails, sidebar focus).
  • MENU/RGUI Fix text scaling for 16:9.
  • MENU/XMB: Background images are given priority over colour themes. The default image opacity is set to the same value as the colour theme opacity.
  • MENU/XMB fixes segmentation errors when the background image is absent.
  • MENU/XMB: Several corrections, cleanups, and improvements
  • MENU/XMB Layout/Thumbnail Fixes: Adjustments to the thumbnail layout; Improvements to the header title; Handheld layout changes
  • Add support for joining the MITM server from the command line.
  • NETWORKING/NETPACKET: Interface connection flow improvements
  • OSX: MelonDS DS mouse support fixed on OSX
  • OSX: Create a portable version.
  • Patches: Add support for XDelta-formatted patches.
  • Patches: Fix patches for cores that support contentless mode.
  • PS2: Fix the sound
  • PS2: Add memory statistics and fix 0-byte logs.
  • PSP: Fix a memory leak in the audio driver
  • RUNLOOP: Frame Rest is an experimental sleep feature that aims to reduce CPU usage and temperatures when using certain CPU-hungry modes of vsync.
  • Fix compile failures with videocore and switchres.
  • Scan PSP/PSP (PSN) content for CRC checks.
  • TVOS: Support overlays
  • DirectX 10/11/12 now supports video and BFI. The BFI range is now every multiple of 60 Hz under 1000 Hz. The new ‘Dark Frames” option allows for variable strobe length. Algorithm to automatically select a ‘decent dark frames’ choice.
  • Video/GLSL: Add support for FinalViewportSize to GLSL
  • Change the rotation type of VIDEO/GLSL to int for maximum compatibility.
  • Menu frame limiter: Video: Use the video refresh rate rather than the core refresh rate.
  • Limit the refresh rate of paused videos.
  • Video: Force swap interval 1 if vsync is on in the menu
  • WII: Enable Cheevos for Wii builds
  • WIIU: Fix core information and config file reading
  • WIIU: Fix the “Up” and “Left” directional inputs for both analogue sticks for the GC adapter.
  • WIIU: Fix 3 USB controllers (NES/SNES/Retrode)
  • WIIU: Fix file descriptor leak
  • Win32: Use D3D11 or WASAPI for the default audio and video drivers.
  • Fix the window size if the aspect ratio is less than 0.
  • Fix the screen resolution being tied to the main monitor.
  • WAYLAND: Disable the fallback screensaver via D-Bus
  • WAYLAND: Introduce the wp_fractional_scale_v1 protocol for proper fractional scaling.
  • WAYLAND: Update the Wayland protocol version to 1.31.



App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • Apple Silicon
  • macOS 10.13 or later

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