How to Utilize Google Maps Live View on an iPhone? 2024

Are you sick and weary of using Google Maps to find where you are? I always use Google Maps Live View on my iPhone to get where I’m going when I’m exploring a new city or trying to make my way through a congested area. It superimposes the most recent directives onto the live video from your camera.

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As a result, you have no trouble navigating new places. However, how can I get to it? I’ll walk you through using Google Maps’ Live View on your iPhone in this blog post so you can navigate more easily. Now let’s get going!

How to Utilize iPhone’s Google Maps Live View

Google has incorporated AR walking directions and a Live View feature to enhance the navigating experience. It recognizes your surroundings using the camera on your phone, then shows you virtual signs and arrows that point you in the direction of your goal. Additionally, Live View provides the 2D orientation on a mini-map at the bottom.

  • Get your iPhone’s Google Maps app open.
  • You may either place a pin on the map or enter a destination in the search area.
  • Select Directions.
  • Click on the Walking toolbar option.
    The starting point should be your current location.
  • Press the Live View button.
  • Follow the AR directions on the screen to allow Google Maps to determine your position.

Point your phone camera away from trees and people and focus on the structures and signs across the street.

How to Utilize Google Maps' Live View on an iPhone

  • You may now view instructions on your iPhone by using the camera view.

Google Maps will urge you to provide access to the camera and explain the function when you use it for the first time. To proceed and provide permission, tap.

How to Use Live View to Get Your Bearings

With the Google Maps Street Live View function on your iPhone, you can rapidly become familiar with your surroundings and explore local attractions instead of reading the map and navigating appropriately. The majority of Live View-supported landmarks are well-known parks and popular tourist destinations, such as the Empire State Building in New York City.

There are two ways you can utilize Live View on Google Maps:

  • Locate the placeSelect the direction menu and select Live Maps.
  • Examine any category, such as eateries or retail centers → Select View Map → Select an option from the list → Press Play. Once you’re in Live View, proceed as directed above.

Now that you understand how to use Google Maps Live View for navigation on your iPhone, let’s look at how to disable the function.

How to Get Out Google Maps Live View for iPhone

I quit Live View as soon as I found the right path because it quickly consumes your iPhone’s charge and might overheat. It’s risky to stroll along the street while staring at a phone screen, too. When you go to the following navigation step, your will vibrate even if you have exited the Live View. Thus, you won’t ever stray from your course.

  • Select the upperleft arrow on your live feed.
  • It’ll cause the 2D map view to open.
  • From the bottom, swipe up to tap Directions.

Every time I’m unclear, I just go back to the Live View. To do that, simply hit the Live View button or turn your phone vertically. You should choose Exit to conclude the directions and journey when you get at your destination.

On iPhone, Instantly Flip Between 2D and Live Map Views

Enable automatic switching to Live View if you often browse with your iPhone using Google Maps Live View. When you hold your phone vertically, it will activate Live display; when you hold it horizontally, it will revert to the 2D map display.

  • Launch Google Maps → Press the symbol associated with your profile.
  • Navigate to SettingsNavigation.
  • Flip through Live View.

How to Utilize Google Maps' Live View on an iPhone

This is where you may disable the tilt feature if you’d rather not use it.

How to Use Google Live View on an iPhone to Increase Location Accuracy

Depending on your surroundings, Live View takes some time to locate you when you view the camera stream. Your position on Maps becomes increasingly accurate as more data about your location is gathered. Thus, the following time, you will receive the navigational instructions more swiftly and accurately.

  • Open Google Maps in the car.
  • Press the blue dot to find out where you are.
  • Choose “Calibrate using Live View.
  • For more accuracy, aim your camera toward adjacent buildings and signage.
  • Observe the instructions displayed on the screen.

If the surroundings are incorrect or Street View is not accessible for that place, you might not be able to see the Live View Calibrator. However, how can you tell if Live View is operational?

How to Determine if Live View is Functional

Google can identify many locales thanks to its collection of street views. You are therefore prompted to point your camera onto buildings, street signs, or other noteworthy scenes when you activate the Live View function. To provide instructions on your phone, Google Maps may use local Street View data to determine your position.

If issues with Live View persist, make sure you are in:

  • Places with enough illumination.
  • Outside.
  • Locations to photograph the signage and buildings across the street.
  • Street View is accessible from anywhere.
  • It’s indeed daunting to find places to explore the Live View feature. However, I have found a trick to know whether a place supports Street View. Let’s jump in! 

How to Use iPhone Live View to Discover Locations

  • Open Google Maps.
  • In the search box, tap the camera icon.
  • Point your camera toward signs or structures.
  • When Live View is enabled, a Ready! notification with nearby location annotations will appear.
  • Hover or touch on an annotation to see additional details about the place.

As You Go Pay Attention to Your Directions!

With Live View, you can see precisely where to turn and how to get there in real-time, so you won’t need to rely only on maps or directions. Its camera overlay also facilitates easier navigation in unfamiliar regions. You may utilize Live View on Google Maps and have a more fluid and user-friendly navigating experience by following the easy steps above.

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