How to Send Text Message (SMS) Instead of iMessage on iPhone

When iPhone users want to test, they use iMessage from Apple. There are times when you need to send iMessage as a text message (SMS). In this post, I will tell you how to use your iPhone to send text messages instead of iMessage and when to use it.

How to Use the iPhone to Send Text Messages Rather Than iMessage

Before learning how to send iMessage as a text message, it is important to know how iMessage differs from SMS.

There are times when you need to send an SMS to someone who has an iPhone. We will talk about them in the next part of this post. Here I will tell you three different ways to send a text message to a friend instead of iMessage.

Method 1: Text all Messages as SMS

How to Send Text Message (SMS) Instead of iMessage on iPhone

This turns off the iMessage service, but you’ll still be able to send all your messages as plain text.

Method 2: When iMessage isn’t Accessible, Send an SMS

Your internet connection is used to send text via iMessage. If you have more internet access then your msg will not be sent. Because of this I have made a mod that tries to send text messages as SMS to my iPhone when iMessage is not available.

  • Go to Messages under Settings.
  • Turn on “Send as SMS.”.
    You must have iMessage enabled.

How to Send Text Message (SMS) Instead of iMessage on iPhone

Method 3: Extra Tip to Use Your iPhone to Send Text Messages as SMS

Can you use your iPhone to send text messages instead of iMessage without turning off iMessage? Not a joke; follow these steps:

  • Access your inbox from the Messages app.
  • Enter your message here → Press the cyan arrow to send it off.
  • Tap and hold the text bubble right away to choose Send as Text Message.

How to Send Text Message (SMS) Instead of iMessage on iPhone

When Using an iPhone to Send an iMessage as a Text Message

iMessage has many features and works well with other Apple products, but there are times when I prefer to send SMS text messages on my iPhone instead. Here are some common situations:

  • Restricted or nonexistent internet access: In order to transmit messages, iMessage needs Wi-Fi or cellular data. Where there is a poor network, it might be difficult or impossible to send messages online. Thus, SMS guarantees that your message or message gets to the intended recipient.
  • Users who are not Apple users: iMessage is a texting service that is exclusive to Apple devices. The easiest way to communicate with someone who doesn’t own an iPhone or other Apple device is by sending them an SMS. Messages sent by SMS are accessible on all mobile phones.
  • Preventing extra fees: iMessage is often included in cell phone plans and requires a specific Internet connection. If you are worried about data use, there are no additional fees associated with this. Texting might be handy if you want to stay away from extra fees.
  • Ensuring message delivery: You may increase the likelihood that an essential communication will be received if you utilize SMS. While iMessage needs both the sender and the recipient to have an active Internet connection, SMS messages are transmitted directly via cellular networks.

If your iPhone Won’t Send SMS Messages, What Should You Do?

If you are facing any problem while sending SMS then try the following steps.

  • Instead of emailing someone, use your phone number to send them a message.
  • Recall that you need both network signal and cellular network coverage.
  • Reset the settings on your iPhone and switch it on and off.
  • Decide on the accurate day and hour.
  • Inquire with the mobile service provider about any network issues.
  • You may wish to contact Apple Support or try restarting your network settings if the issue persists.


  • How to turn off iMessage for one person? 
Unfortunately, you can’t turn off iMessage for a specific contact. You may send messages as SMS individually by tapping the text bubble and selecting Send as SMS. Alternatively, if the contact disables iMessage for themselves, they will receive SMS texts.
  • Does iMessage automatically switch to SMS?

If you don’t have an active internet connection, the Messages app will try to send the iMessage as a standard SMS text message. Besides, if the recipient has switched to Android, they will only receive SMS texts.

  • Why is my iMessage working but not my text messages?

You need to have a good cell network with attachments to send text messages through SMS. Remember that your iPhone is not on “Airplane Mode” and you have a mobile plan that is still current.

Send Messages in Every Situation!

iMessage has many useful features, but most of the time you need to send text messages. You know the difference between iMessage and SMS. You can easily send text messages on your iPhone using the above methods.

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