How to Get Rid of the Grey Home Bar at the Bottom of Your iPhone

Are you sick of seeing the Get Rid of the Grey message at the bottom of your iPhone screen? It annoys me when I use certain programs or watch movies. However, you may temporarily hide this bar by following a few easy steps. Without further ado, let us remove the grey Home Bar from the bottom of the iPhone screen.

What is the Purpose of the Gray Bar at the Bottom of My iPhone?

The gray Home Bar at the bottom of an iPhone was first seen on the iPhone X and subsequent models. It takes the place of the previous iPhone’s physical home button.

Users may use this bar to browse their smartphones or do tasks like swiping up to access multitasking or toggling between previously used apps. In contrast, Apple does not provide a natural way to remove the gray bar from the iPhone home screen.

With this in mind, many users have accepted it. There is, however, a solution if you refuse to accept no for an answer. You may eliminate the grey home bar for the desired application using Guided Access and enjoy uninterrupted enjoyment.

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How to Get Rid of the Grey Bar on Your iPhone

  • Start the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Choose Accessibility Select Guided Access.
  • Toggle on Guided Access and then press Continue.

How to Get Rid of the Grey Home Bar at the Bottom of Your iPhone

  • You will now be presented with several options.
  • For additional information, see our comprehensive Guided Access guide.
  • After that, launch the app from which you want to remove the gray bar.
  • To enable Guided Access for the selected screen, press the Power button three times.
  • Start in the upperright corner.
  • From now on, the gray bar will be removed from your iPhone’s screen. However, you may use the app regularly and without any restrictions.
  • To escape Guided Access mode, just triple-press the iPhone’s Power Button once again.
  • Enter your device’s passcode.
  • You may also validate your Face ID if it is enabled.
  • After verification, hit the End button in the top-left corner of the screen.


  • Is it possible to permanently remove the gray Home Bar?

Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a permanent option to remove the Home Bar.

  • Does hiding the Home Bar affect the operation of my iPhone?

No, temporarily hiding the Home Bar will not affect the normal functionality of your iPhone. It is simply ornamental and does not influence the device’s performance.

  • Are there any other choices or workarounds?

While there is no official solution to eliminate the Home Bar, some users find that utilizing creative wallpapers or light mode settings can significantly decrease its visibility.

Congratulations on your Performance!

That’s it, no more gray Home Bar taking over your iPhone’s screen. Without interruptions, enjoy your device’s increased freedom and elegance.

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