Brave For Mac M1 (Version Latest Download 2024

Brave For Mac Overview

Brave For Mac M1 blocks ads and trackers automatically, making it safer and faster than your current web browser. Micropayments and improved ads will soon give users and publishers an even better deal. The underlying advertising technology is responsible for up to 60% of the page load time. It loads in various places every time you visit your favourite news website. This time is spent loading information that tries to learn about you.

  • Browse Faster: Brave blocks trackers, intrusive ads, and other things that slow down your browsing.
  • Browse Safer: Brave protects you and your data from third-party tracking and malicious advertising.
  • Browse Better: Brave lets you choose to view ads that respect privacy or sites that charge directly. You can help fund content creators in either case.

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  • Brave blocks harmful advertisements. There’s an ad game that has arrived. Malvertising is the name of this new ad game. Display ad technologies can infect your laptop with malware without your knowledge. Brave will keep you safe.
  • Brave redirects websites to HTTPS. We’ve built HTTPS Everywhere right into each Brave browser so that you can always move your bits over the safest pipe.
  • Brave blocks tracker pixels and tracking cookies. Do you get the feeling someone is watching when you see a commercial for a product you purchased a few days earlier? We ensure that you’re not being tracked when you browse and shop online.

What’s New in (version For Mac

  • Upgraded Chromium 122.0.6261.69


LicenseApp Requirements
Size: 151.2 MB
Developer’s website:
Intel 64
Apple Silicon
macOS 10.15 or later
Secure, Open-Source browser.

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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