How to Alter the Emojis’ Skin Tone on the iPhone and Mac | 2024

  • Access the iPhone or iPad keyboard.
  • Tap the Emoji icon in the bottom-left corner.
  • Select an emoji with hands or faces.
  • Hold or press any of these until a menu appears.
  • Choose any available color to replace the current one.

How to Alter the Emojis' Skin Tone on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac

You can repeat the same for every emoji with multiple skins. (How to Alter the Emojis’ Skin Tone?)

How to Modify Mac Emoji Skin Tone

  • Choose your preferred document or file to open.
  • Based on your MacBook model, you can summon the emoji menu.
  • MacBook Air with globe icon key: Press the function key on your keyboard to invoke the emoji menu.
  • MacBook Pro: Access emojis via Touchbar.
  • If this doesn’t work for you, use the control + command + space key combination to access the emoji window.
  • Select an emoji depicting hand gestures or faces.
  • If you aren’t prompted with skin tones for that emoji, click and hold until the same appears.

How to Alter the Emojis' Skin Tone on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Note: You can restore the edited emoji using these steps.

More Things You Should Try with the iPhone Keyboard

The Apple keyboard lets you do a lot more than just change the color of emojis’ skin. Let’s take a look at these things:

  • The text replacement tool lets users make their own shortcuts for phrases or words they use a lot. It can be very helpful for saving time and cutting down on typing the same thing over and over.
  • Professionals who are always on the go can type with one hand on their iPhones by turning on one-hand typing modes. This function is very useful.
  • Users can also use special letters and symbols to get their message across in the best way possible. This keyboard lets you switch between different ones by holding down a key.
  • Finally, the iPhone’s dictation mode is pure happiness when it comes to ease of use. When writing messages or papers, it’s easy to speak instead of typing.

People who work on Apple products can do their daily work faster and easier with these extra keyboard options.


Q: Will changing an emoji’s skin tone change how it looks to other people?

No, changing an emoji’s skin tone won’t change how it looks on your screen. When you send the emoji to someone else, it will show up with the skin tone you chose.

Q: Does changing the skin tone of an emoji change how it looks in all apps?

When you change the skin tone of an emoji, it usually affects all apps on your device that accept emojis.

Have Fun with the Colorful Trip of Making Your own Emojis!

Done and done with. In order to give you what you want, here is a quick and easy guide on how to make your iPhone, iPad, and Mac images truly your own. Let your imagination run wild and let your emojis show off your own style.

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