Adobe Acrobat Pro PC Free Download (2023.008.20533) 2024

Adobe Acrobat Pro Overview

Adobe Acrobat Pro PC Free Download v., newest version with Adobe Document Cloud. This will change your working methods with important business files forever. You get much more than just a picture when you create a PDF using Acrobat or any of the online services. You can search, edit, sign, share, and protect the file. You can be sure that it will display correctly on any screen.

The Acrobat Reader app by Adobe lets you work on documents wherever you are. This app has all the tools needed to edit, convert, and sign PDFs from your mobile device. You can use the device’s camera to scan documents, receipts, whiteboards, and other items.

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Adobe Acrobat Pro PC Free Download 2024

Acrobat has been trusted by more than five million organizations in the world for creating and editing intelligent PDFs and converting them into Microsoft Office formats. Acrobat allows you to collaborate easily with colleagues across multiple devices and locations. You can share PDFs and track their progress.
gives you full control and tracking. No messy attachments. The recipient receives an email containing a link that allows them to open, view, and comment on your PDF.

The Acrobat Reader app for mobile has been upgraded to a more powerful version, with a host of tools that allow you to view, sign, annotate, and share PDFs anywhere. Acrobat Pro allows you to edit, create, and export files, as well as organise them.

You can fill out and sign PDF documents on any device. You can also collect digital signatures and track progress. Signed documents are archived. Adobe’s Acrobat, Sign, and other tools will help you be prepared for a multi-device environment if your company has dispersed teams.

Acrobat DC enables e-signing on more than 1 billion devices in the world. Anyone can now legally sign documents using a finger, a touch-enabled mobile device, or a few clicks on a web browser. Acrobat Pro is more than just a sign-up app. It makes it easy to track, send, and store documents signed.

Users can access the best solution while maintaining compliance and security for documents, desktop applications, and data. Provide secure remote access for Adobe Acrobat Pro with new support for named users in Citrix XenApp and VMware Horizon.

How to use

  • Open Acrobat Pro: Click on the icon to open the programme if you installed it on your computer.
  • Create a new PDF. To create a PDF document, choose “File” from the menu bar. Then select “Create pdf.” You can also drag and drop the file to Acrobat Pro to convert it.
  • Edit a PDF To edit a document in PDF, select “Edit PDF from the toolbar at the right of the screen. You can edit text, images, and other contents in the PDF document.
  • Add comments To add comments to a document, select “Comment” from the toolbar. Then you can add text comments to the document, highlight text, or draw shapes.
  • Combine PDF Files: To merge multiple PDF files into a single document, select the “File” menu and then choose “Combine Files.” Then, you can select the PDF files that you wish to combine. Arrange them in any order.
  • Export PDF: To export PDF into another format, choose “File” from the menu bar. Then select “Export.” Then, you can select the file format and other options that you want before exporting your document.

What’s New

Discover new features in Acrobat Desktop’s December 2023 release.

  • Help content for Acrobat in-app
  • Skip the onboarding tour.
  • Recent files in Adobe Express allow you to view Adobe Express projects.
  • Use the Request Signatures Tool with these guided prompts.
  • Acrobat Xi offers enhanced editing capabilities.
  • Support for files that include tables, images, side-by-sides, and more
  • Text editing has improved in PDF annotations.
  • Add comments to PDF documents with ease.
  • Shared PDFs now have a new avatar that shows the reviewer.
  • Add a sticky to any text selection.
  • Form fields are colour-coded to make it easier to identify the recipient.
  • Manage shared file access requests from the desktop.
  • Changes to the legacy Request e-Signatures experience
  • There are many more!


  • Useful PDF editing
  • Document security: a new level of protection
  • Robust form creation
  • Batch processing is efficient.
  • Easy integration with Adobe products


  • Software that is resource-intensive
  • Compatibility issues can occur from time to time.
Adobe Acrobat Pro PC Free Download (2023.008.20533) 2024


Latest Version: Adobe Acrobat Pro 2023.008.20533
Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Author / Product: Adobe Inc


What is Adobe Acrobat Pro?

Adobe Acrobat Pro, a programme for creating, editing, and managing PDF documents, is the answer. Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of Adobe applications that includes Adobe Acrobat Pro.

How can I download Adobe Acrobat Pro and install it?

Answer: Adobe Acrobat Pro can be downloaded and installed from FileHorse or the Adobe website. To use the software, you will need to buy a licence or subscription.

How to uninstall free trial software

Answer: To uninstall the free trial version of Adobe Reader on a Windows PC, close all Adobe software programmes on your device. Open the Windows Control Panel, and then double-click on Programmes and Features. Select “Uninstall” from the menu when you click on Acrobat.

Which file types can Acrobat Pro convert to PDF?

Answer: It converts a variety of file formats to PDF, including Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as other document formats.

How can I edit the text in a PDF document using Acrobat Pro?

Yes, you can edit text in PDF files using the text editing tools included with the app.

How do I add digital signatures in Acrobat Pro to PDF documents?

Answer: It includes digital signature functionality, which allows you to add digital signatures and verify them in PDF documents.

What is the password for a PDF file in Acrobat Pro?

Answer: In Acrobat Pro, you can password-protect a PDF file by selecting “Protect” and then “Encrypt with Password.”.

How can I combine multiple PDF files into one document using Acrobat Pro?

Answer: It includes a tool that allows you to combine several PDF files into one document.

In Acrobat Pro, how do I add annotations or comments to a document?

Answer: In Acrobat Pro, you can add annotations and comments to a document by selecting “Comments.”. You will then need to select the type of annotation that you would like to add.

How can I convert a PDF searchable document from a scanned image with Acrobat Pro?

Answer: It includes optical character recognition technology (OCR), which allows you to convert scanned files into searchable, editable text.

What is the best way to export a document from Acrobat Pro into another file format?

Answer: In Acrobat Pro, you can export a document in PDF format to another format by choosing “Export PDF.” Then select the file format that you want, such as Microsoft Word or Excel.


Adobe Acrobat Pro offers a powerful PDF editor with a wealth of features. It provides advanced document security and efficient form creation. It also integrates seamlessly with Adobe products. Overall, it remains a popular option for professionals who need extensive PDF editing functionality.

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